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When we are traveling abroad, it's worth knowing what kind of sockets are in a given country. Of course, we all know that the plug in most European countries is different, so when we travel, we need to have the right adapter to the outlet, but there are more countries with different types of sockets, and why not equip ourselves with a universal solution?

Adapter, socket adapter

Green Cell travel adapters allow you to connect to sockets in more than 150 countries around the world, including countries such as Australia, China, Switzerland and the United States. Socket adapters work in the 100-250V range and 50 or 60Hz frequency, so we do not have to worry about voltage differences. This solution is not only practical, but also 100% safe. The small size of the device guarantees that the tourist adapter will easily find its place even in small hand luggage. Each travel adapter comes with a stylish, durable zippered case.
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