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Power Bank Xiaomi 3 Gen 10000 mAh MI3 PLM12ZM
Xiaomi Mi2 10000mAh QC 3.0 Powerbank
Capacity: 10000 mAh
Voltage: 5V
Product code: PB127
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Capacity: 10000 mAh
Product code: PB120SR
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For years, the Xiaomi brand has been gaining popularity and winning the hearts of compatriots - this is due to high quality, functionality, as well as modern design and affordable product prices. For years, Xiaomi has been expanding its product portfolio. She became famous for the efficient power banks - especially the popular Xiaomi Power Bank Mi 2i 10,000 mAh is one of the most popular products from the category of portable chargers. Certainly its advantage is the ability to charge two devices simultaneously and the Quick Charge function. Xiaomi is also a manufacturer of home appliances. Air purifier Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2, which significantly improves the air quality during the heating period, and the robot vacuuming and cleaning floors Xiaomi Mi Robot 2 Roborock S50 will certainly improve the atmosphere at home. In turn for music fans, the company offers high-quality Xiaomi Piston headphones and portable bluetooth wireless speakers that will enhance the time of each meeting. The company has also not forgotten about people who value a healthy lifestyle and take care of their form. Thanks to Mi Band 2, we will be able to control your performance on an ongoing basis - such as: distance traveled, steps, calories burned or heart rate. The headband also has many additional functions such as: informing about incoming text messages and calls, monitoring the quality of sleep, an effective alarm clock in the form of vibrations. The band from Xiaomi is of course waterproof, and thanks to the lightweight design you do not have to part with it, especially since after charging the device works for almost 3 weeks. Xiaomi has already proven many times that their products are a great alternative to expensive brands and can boldly compete with them in many respects - we encourage you to buy, and if you have a question - we will be happy to answer them - contact us.

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