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Laptop LCD panel

LCD panels , i.e. screens in laptops, are particularly vulnerable to mechanical damage. Poor handling of the laptop, e.g. during transport, can quickly have a negative impact on its main components. Defective screen most often means dead pixels, which are expanding. As a result, black spots appear on the screen, which block visibility. Working on such damaged equipment is uncomfortable and pointless. Mobile equipment require occasional replacement of the screen. Melting images and stripes are not an obstacle that cannot be overcome. The screen can easily be replaced, so you can bring your laptop back to life quickly and cheap. You won't have to buy a new device, even if this is usually the first thought that goes through your head when the screen starts to fail.

Replacing the screen of your laptop

In order for the replacement screen to work on a laptop properly, it must have the same screen diagonal, properly selected resolution and color reproduction as an orginal. However, this is not all. The new screen must be equipped with the same connectors. Our Battery Empire store provides matrices for many popular laptops used in the market. Thanks to the model search engine below, you will be able to quickly find a matrix that is fully compatible with the model of your laptop. We offer a wide range of matrices aimed to suit the needs of various laptops. All of our matrices are covered with 2-year warranty policy. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that they are buying the highest quality product that are tailored to their needs, this will ensure long and trouble-free operation.

New LCD screen

it's a way to bring your equipment back to life again. The clearer picture means that the comfort of everyday use increases and the equipment can be used efficiently for many months after.
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