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Power Tools Battery for Bosch 3300K PSR 12VE-2 GSB 12 VSE-2

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  • Known manufacturer GreenCell.
  • The battery with original cells by Green Cell lasts longer.
  • The technology used in batteries does not deviate from the original ones
  • Capacity: 3000 mAh | Voltage: 12V | Warranty: 12 Months
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Original Green Cell battery

to Bosch 3300K PSR 12VE-2 GSB 12 VSE-2

Perfectly compatible battery, made from high quality materials, including Green Cell cells with high density. Each battery is dedicated to a specific model of tool which is designed with attention to the smallest detail.

  • efficient Green Cell cells
  • Perfectly compatible with your tool
  • battery with original quality
  • detailed finishing
  • freshly made

Protection against overcharging and deep discharge

The detection of values which are outside the scope protecting cells against damage.


The detection of values which are outside the scope protects cells against damage.

Exceeding the entered parameters results in disconnecting the power supply.


Protection against short-circuit

At the moment of risk of short circuit, the cells and electronics are automatically cutting off.


Tested in extreme conditions

Complete freedom of work even in hardest conditions of environment.


Resistance to temperature

The temperature control makes the cells operate in a safe range.


Green Cell cells

Efficient cell with the real capacity which are almost as good as the original ones.


12 months guarantee

Additionally, Green Cells batteries have 1 month Door2Door guarantee


100% compatibility

The perfect reproduction of the original model makes Green Cell batteries ensure error-free operation, perfect fit and most of all safety. We have a complete and proven compatibility list, so you can be sure that the product will fit your tool.


High strength

Green Cell batteries always come straight from the production line. All our batteries come from high-tech factories and they are subject to rigorous quality controls. By using high quality cells, Green Cell batteries are characterized by long working hours and life. For the construction of the battery used high-quality plastic resistant to falls or scratches, and sealed design allows you to work in very difficult conditions.


Quality based on experience

Reliability of Green Cell batteries is a result of many years of working with lithium-ion technology. For nearly five years we supply high-quality batteries to customers in Poland and worldwide. With the knowledge that we have acquired, we are able to provide professional help and advise before and after the sale.

We know everything about batteries

In case of any troubles we solve problems and offer professional customer service. All batteries have 1 years guarantee and 1 month door to door guarantee.


Technical specifications

Capacity 3000 mAh
Voltage 12V
Cells technology Ni-MH
Cells manufacturer Green Cell
Condition New
Overdischarge protection Yes
Overcharge protection Yes
Colour Black
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Product code PT17
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