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Accumulator Battery Green Cell Down Tube 48V 13Ah 624Wh for Electric Bike E-Bike Pedelec

Green Cell
In stock.
Shipping within 24 hours.
Satisfaction guarantee - 30 days return policy
  • The original Green Cell Ebike battery guarantees reliability in all conditions
  • High quality GC cells provide excellent performance, range and high durability.
  • Modern control electronics make the battery work faultlessly and safely
  • Compatible with almost 600 brands of electric bikes including: Ecobike Gazelle Giant Yamaha Haibike Kalkhoff Lovelec Prophete Merida and others
You save: £63,00


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Powerful Green Cell battery for an electric bike

48V | 13Ah | 624Wh

The quality Green Cell accumulator for E-BIKES is a battery of the highest quality, guaranteeing high durability, wide compatibility and maximum performance of your electric bike.

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State of the art control electronics
Perfect cooperation of the battery with the motor

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Longer distance on one charge
Cells with increased density result in higher battery capacity

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Perfect compatibility, easy installation
A complete kit making the installation and connection easier

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up to 160km
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up to 75km
*Average calculations for standard 250 W motors.

Perfect for your E-Bike

Connectors used in our batteries and adapters included in the sets ensure wide compatibility with many brands of electric bikes on the market.

This makes the Green Cell battery ideal when simply replacing a worn out battery or when building an E-BIKE from scratch.

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Performance and reliability

Advanced control electronics allow perfect cooperation of the battery with electric motor's controller (up to 250 W), providing the right instantaneous power and maximum continuous rating – maximum performance without compromise.

Moreover, the battery has been equipped with an electronic BMS which prevents it from getting damaged, deeply discharged and overcharged when left for a longer time for charging.

Easy installation

Compare the following parameters with the battery used currently in order to choose a compatible battery:

Voltage: 48V
Motor rating: 250W
Dimensions: 36.5 x 9 x 10.5 cm
Mounting type: Down Tube
Connector: EC5 (Photo on the right)

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Depending on battery and mounting type, a set of necessary elements (rails, brackets), which considerably facilitate the installation of a new battery in your E-BIKE, is included with individual models. Additionally, the battery has an LED indicator thanks to which you will easily check its current state of charge and a lock as protection against theft.

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8FUN A2B ALDI ALLE AVE Addmotor Adore Adriatica Aerobike Agogs Airwheel Akkurad Aktivelo All Seasons Allegro Alpha Amego Ampler Ancheer Anniser Ansmann Apache Apollo Araer Archos Argento Ariel Rider Armony Arrow As Bikes Asviva Atala Aventador BBF BESV BH BIKE BLIX BMC BMW BULL Babboe City Bad Bike Batavus Batribike Bauer Bavarian Beetle Benelli Benno Bergamont Bertin Bhemotion Bianchi Bicycles Big Cat Bigfish Biketec Biktrix Bintelli Binxin Biomega Biria Birota Biruni Biwbik Bizabike Black Bird Blue Wheel Bmebikes Bodhi Bottecchia Box Bike Collective Breeze Breezer Brompton Btwin Bulls Butchers & Bicycles Buysevenside Byocycles CERO CONE CUBE Cannondale Canyon Carrera Carver Casadei Celona Centurion Checker Chita Chrispa Chrisson Cicli Adriatica Cicli Ferrareis Cityboard Coboc Commençal Conway Corratec Cosway Crescent Cresta Crussis Curtis Cutler Cyclamatic Cyclotricity Cyrusher Cytronex DB DBS DYU Dahon Dancelli Dawes Day 6 Daymak Decathlon Definitive Delta Desiknio Devron Diamant Diamond Diamondback Didi Thurau Dillenger Dj Bikes Doc.Green Dolphin Drössiger Ducati Dutch Id Dynabike Dynamics Dyson E-Bikemanufaktur E-Glide E-Joe E-Lux E-Mazing Innovations E-Mootika E-Motion E-Ranger E-Rex E-Totem E3 EBC EELO EG ELBY ELegal EMU ENIK ENZO EVO EZIP Eagle Earth Easy Motion Easybike Ebike Ebike-De Eco Voltz Ecobike Ecolo Ecomotion Ecoride Ecotric Eden Bikes Eflow Ego Movement Electra Electric Electric Bike Company Electrobike Elektron Elfei Emaximum Emazing Bike Emojo Emotion Emountainbike Energie Eprodigy Erädle Esonic Espin Estelle Evelo Everly Exodus Extrbici Ez Pedaler F4W FELT FLOW FLX FORD FUJI Fahrradmanufaktur Falco Falcon Falter Fantic Faraday Fenetic Fifield Fischer Fitifito Flash Flayer Flight Flitzbike Flyer Flyert Flying Donkey Focus Followup Forca Freego Freway Fully Charged Gazelle Gedesheng Geero Genze Geoby Gepida Ghost Gi Flybike Giant Girardengo Gitane Gocycle Goericke Golden Motor Goplus Grace Granville Greaser Green World Bike Greenedge Greens Greenspark Greenstreet Greentrans Greenway Green´S Green Gregster Greyp Bikes Grünberg Gtech Gudereit Göricke HAWK HEAD HEBB HNF HPC Haibike Halfords Harbin Hartje Heinzmann Heisenberg Helkama Helliot Hercules Hersteller Hi-Power Cycles Hill Topper Hithot Hitpro Hollandia Honda Hongdu Hopper Hoppercity Hover-1 Hp Velotechnik Husqvarna I-Bike IBEX IES IGO ISY IUVO IZIP Icycle Ideation Idworx Infineum Inmotion Interbike Io Hawk Isabeau Italjet Italwin Ivelo JOLT Jd Bug Jetson Johnny Loco Juiced Juicy Junced Junto KOGA KONA KTM Kadanie Kalkhoff Kavaki Keeway Kettler Kieler Manufaktur Klever Kranium Kreidler Kross Kudos Kwikfold Kymco LIFE LIV LOCO LUNA LYNX Lankeleisi Lapierre Lauderdale Leader Lectro Lee Cougan Legend Lehmkuhl Leisger Leviatec Liberty Liebe-Bike Lightspeed Liqfeel Liqrock Lithium Llobe Lohner Lombardo Lovelec Lvneng M-Rider M1 M2S M55 M55-Bike MATE MIFA MING MOAR MOMA MZZK Magnum Maino Mammut Mando Mantana Manufaktur Marrs Maserati Matra Maxim Mckenzie Megamo Melkus Merida Micargi Miyata Mobime Momentum Mondraker Montana Montante Montego Monty Moovway Moskino Motiv Motor Motorino Moustache Movena Ms-Ebike Myatu NCM NESS NIZA Nakto Naturcleta Navigator New Holland Nicolai Nilox Nuclear Nxbike O2feel OHM Olympia Omega Ondabike Onemile Ontario Onway Optibike Orange Orbea Ortler Outrider Oxygen Oyama P1 Powerone P1ebike PESU PIG PIM PUCH Panther Parilla Patria Pedalpower Pedego Pegasus Pendleton Peugeot Pfau-Tec Pfiff Piaggio Picycle Pinarello Pinnacle Pivot Platinum Polaris Populo Porterbike Porteur Powabyke Powacycle Powerpac Prescott Pride Prodecotech Prodigy Promovec Propella Prophete Protanium Provelo Public Pulse Pure Cycles QWIC Quadrini Quintessential Quipplan RED REEF REVO REX RIXE ROSE ROUX RUFF Rabeneick Rad Power Bikes Radkutsche Radon Radrover Raleigh Ranger Ranis Recto Relay Remington Revelo Revobike Revoe Revolve Rich Bit Richbit Ridgeback Riese & Müller Riide Rikonda Rock Machine Rocky Mountain Rollgan Romet Roodog Rossignol Rotwild Ruhrwerk Rymebikes SAVA SIGA SOHO SSR SUNN SVR Saracen Saxonette Saxxx Schwinn Scott Segway Senglar Serious Sevenstar Shareroller Shockblaze Sigma Simplon Sinus Skoda Smart Smartgyro Smartmotion Snelheid Solex Solexity Sondors Spark Sparta Specialized Speedy Sprint Staiger Stealth Steppenwolf Stevens Stinger Storck Stromer Stunner Stöckli Sun Ebike Sunstar Superpedestrian Surface604 Swagcycle Swagtron Swemo TERN THOK TREK Telefunken Ten-X Terzarossa Teutoburg Thompson Tongxin Tooco Torker Torpado Tour De Suisse Toutterrain Townie Tretwerk Trillium Triumph Trivel Tucano Twinburst Téo Fat Bike U.Move Ulisse Ultra Univega Urban Urban Arrow Urban Mover Urmas Utopia VAUN VELA VOLT VSF VVT Vanmoof Veco Craft Vecocraft Velano Velec Velo De Ville Velobecane Velocity Velomini Vermont Vetelia Victoria Vidaxl Viking Vilano Vintage Viper Viron Virtue Visiobike Vita Lbike Vitesse Vogue Volta Voltage Voltaway Voltbike Volthor Voltitude Volton Voodoo Votani Vtuvia Vélosolex WAVE WEE WILD Walleräng Wanderer Watseka Wattworld Wayel Waymag Wayscral Weebot West Hill Wheeler Whistle Whistler Whyte Wilier Winora Wisper Woosh X-Treme Xenion Xplorer Xtracycle YUBA Yamaha Youmo Yunbike ZEMO ZPAO Zeitgeist Zipper Zonix Zündapp

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      , 2020-03-03
      star star star star star

      Outstanding value for a 48v 13a ebike battery. Delivery was 4 days, only criticism is the battery mount. I had to mount the battery upside down due to the design of the battery mount, after reading a few comments online I am not the only person, could be the way my bike is designed. Either way it fits and it works even better than I could have imagined

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      Technical specifications
      Cells technology:
      Cells manufacturer:
      Green Cell
      XLR 3 Pin
      12 Months
      Green Cell
      36.7 x 9 x 11.1 cm
      battery, charger, 2 x key, mounting rail with a set of screws, user manual
      Housing type:
      Down Tube
      Motor rating:
      up to 250W
      Product code:


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