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RDY Laptop Battery AA-PB9NC6B AA-PB9NS6B for Samsung R519 R522 R530 R540 R580 R620 R719 R780 RV510 RV511 NP350V5C NP300E5C

Not available
  • Well known manufacturer RDY
  • High-quality RDY cells guarantee long operating times, high durability and maximum safety
  • The most modern technology ensures that this battery works as reliably as the original
  • Capacity: 6600 mAh | Voltage: 11.1V / 10.8V | Warranty : 12 Months
Out of stock
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High quality batteries made
for your laptop


New life for your laptop

The RDY battery has been designed with the most demanding users and their devices in mind. High-quality cells ensure reliable performance and extended battery life. The battery is compatible with laptops: Samsung R519 R522 R530 R540 R580 R620 R719 R780 RV510 RV511 NP350V5C NP300E5C.

The modern control system guarantees full compatibility and maximum safety, while the precise manufacturing and high-quality materials used in the production of the battery ensure a perfect fit to the laptop casing.


Top-quality cells

When it comes to cells, no concessions can be made. They are the heart of the battery, which is why we have designed our batteries with premium cells, for excellent durability up to 500 full charge cycles, long battery life and reliable performance in any situation.

High-quality components


Intelligent control system

The use of high-quality components guarantees the compatibility of the battery with the laptop, and modern control electronics ensure that the battery communicates with your laptop exactly as it should.

Overcharge protection

Thermal protection

Short-circuit protection


Full security package

Advanced over-discharge and overcharge protection as well as thermal protection ensure full safety when using the laptop in any conditions.


Perfectly fitted

High-quality materials used in the manufacture of the battery and precise workmanship ensure that the battery is easy to install and fits perfectly into the laptop casing.


How to choose the right battery?

You can look for the battery by the original battery model or by the laptop model.

The model of the laptop is usually visible on the bottom of the device. The battery model and specifications are always placed on the battery itself. Remove the battery from the laptop and check the manufacturer's info plate.

Make sure all parameters match.

The individual battery code is usually provided next to the country of manufacture, voltage and capacity of the battery. Some battery models come in several variants, so before purchasing check that the voltage of the battery you are buying is the same as the one on the info plate.


Compatible with following battery models
    Compatible with following devices

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      Technical specifications
      6600 mAh
      11.1V / 10.8V
      Number of cells:
      Cells technology:
      Cells manufacturer:
      Overdischarge protection:
      Overcharge protection:
      12 Months
      Product code:
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Connected does not load, what should I do?
      A problem with charging a new battery is rare on Green Cell models. However, if this is the case, you will find instructions on how to do this in the following link:
      How can I extend the battery life of my laptop?
      Just follow these 5 steps:
      1. Avoid short charging times, as the battery in our device has the number of charging times specified by the manufacturer.
      2. Use batteries. Our rechargeable battery is designed for use. The continuous removal of the battery from the device has no positive effect on its condition.
      3. Do not allow complete discharge. Today's lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are extremely sensitive to deep discharge. Repeated repetition of such a situation may cause irreversible damage to the battery.
      4. Pay attention to the operating temperature. Temperature is an extremely important factor influencing the life of our battery. To ensure optimum temperature values, clean the heat dissipation system of your laptop regularly (with compressed air or a compressor) and do not use the units on soft surfaces (which may obstruct cooling openings).
      5. Let the battery rest. If you are planning a longer break from using your laptop, remove the battery and place it in a dry, cool place. It's worth charging it to about 50% to avoid complete discharge.
      Is an 11.1V battery suitable if the previous battery is 14.4V?
      The 11.1V battery is not used interchangeably with 14.4V and vice versa. This can cause permanent damage to your laptop. When selecting a new battery for your laptop, be aware of the voltage at which the factory battery was present. This information can be found directly on the battery.
      Warum sind die Batterien in zwei Versionen erhältlich, 10,8V und 11,1V, ist das korrekt?
      Es ist absolut richtig. Spannungsunterschiede ergeben sich aus unterschiedlichen Messungen und den verwendeten Zellen. Es ist zu beachten, dass solche kleinen Spannungsunterschiede von unserem Laptop nicht bemerkt werden und seinen Betrieb in keiner Weise beeinträchtigen.
      How do I select the right battery for my device?
      Below are two ways to choose the right battery for your device.
      1. Device model
        The tool model is usually located on the handle or on the housing next to the motor of the fixture.
      2. Battery model
        The battery code is located on the underside of the battery, often it is a digital code, e.g. 194309-1, or mixed with letters, e.g. BL1830.
      How long does the ebike battery last?
      A standard Green Cell battery can last for around 500 full cycles - meaning a full discharge and recharge. If we calculate one cycle per week and the natural wear and tear of the cells over time, the battery life can last up to 10 years with careful driving. How long does the ebike battery last?
      Replacement of the battery in your ebike?
      The process of replacing the battery in your e-bike may seem complicated, but in reality, fitting a new battery can be easily done by yourself. Each Green Cell battery comes with a mounting rail that makes it easy to attach the battery to the bike. The batteries also have 4-pin output connectors - to connect the battery correctly, you just need to connect the two positive (+) and negative (-) pins. Detailed instructions are also included with each unit - so you can be sure that you will fit the battery without any problems. 
      Battery for an electric bike on a rear rack?
      The Green Cell rear rack battery is mounted on the rear of the bike, just behind the saddle. This type is usually used on city bikes. Due to their positioning, they have a specific reflector.
      How to check the battery in your bike?
      When buying a new battery for your electric bike, you should start by checking the three most important elements: The voltage of the original battery, the power of the motor and the type of plug with which the battery is connected to the bike. With this information, you can start your search for a new battery. Once you have checked these elements, all that remains is to check the dimensions of the new battery. When choosing a new battery, it's also a good idea to refer to the battery photos. Green Cell batteries for e-bikes have detailed photos that accurately depict each component of the battery pack. This makes it easy to find the right solution for your bike!
      How to calculate the ebike range?
      The capacity of Green Cell batteries directly affects the distance that can be achieved on an electric bike. In the Battery Empire shop, all batteries are given a range that corresponds to the distance that can be covered on a particular model, assuming that the motor has the standard 250W and the cycle is mixed (50% leg/rolling time, 50% electric motor time).
      ECO mode - calm riding mode
      TURBO mode - dynamic riding mode
      The table at the bottom of the page shows the range when the electric motor is used 100% of the time (continuous engine operation without a break which does not happen in practice - riding downhill/rolling on a straight road, which is why the Battery Empire has a mixed cycle)
      How long will a drill battery last?
      Green Cell batteries are known for their long service life - they can "take" up to 1,000 charging cycles, which ensures a long operating time for your device.
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