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Laptop Battery Green Cell ULTRA PA5024U-1BRS PA5109U-1BRS PA5110U-1BRS for Toshiba Satellite C850 C855 C870 L850 L855 6800mAh

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Shipping within 24 hours.
Satisfaction guarantee - 30 days return policy
  • Well known manufacturer GreenCell.
  • The battery with original cells by Panasonic lasts longer.
  • The technology used in batteries does not differ from the original ones
  • Capacity: 6800 mAh | Voltage: 10.8V (11.1V) | Warranty: 12 Months
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Original Green Cell battery

for Toshiba Satellite C850 C855 C870 L850 L855 6800mAh

Perfectly compatible battery is made from high quality materials, including high density cells from Green Cell. Each battery model is dedicated to a specific laptop model and it's designed with attention to the smallest detail.

  • efficient cells Green Cell
  • perfectly compatible with your device
  • the quality of the original battery
  • precise finishing
  • freshly made

Protection against overcharging and deep discharge

The detection of value outside the scope protects the cells from damage.


Cells containing SiO - silicon carbide

Increased efficiency of lithium-ion battery, up to 20%


Protection against short circuits

At the time a threat of short circuit is detected, the device shuts off the cell and electronics automaticall.


Monitoring voltage and amperage

Exceeding the entered parameters results in disconnecting the power supply.


Temperature resistance

The temperature control makes the cells operate in a safe range.


Cells 18650BF from Panasonic

GC Ultra have 18650BF cells, which increase the capacity of the battery to 6800 mAh without physical enlargement.


Warranty DoortoDoor for 12 months

In the case of any hardware problems, the carrier comes to you on the second business day.


Premium Class

Battery GC Ultra is not just a replacement.


Cells manufacturer
Product code
4400 mAh
10.8V (11.1V)
Green Cell
In Stock
6600 mAh
10.8V (11.1V)
Green Cell
In Stock
8800 mAh
10.8V (11.1V)
Green Cell
In Stock

One hundred percent compatibility

The perfect reproduction of the original model makes Green Cell batteries guarantee a stable and safe performance of your computer. We have a complete and proven compatibility list, so you can be sure that the product will match your laptop.


Fresh energy

Green Cell batteries always come straight from the production line. All our batteries come from high-tech factories and they are subject to rigorous quality controls. By using high quality cells, batteries Green Cell achieve real capacity of 4400 mAh. In addition, the cells are durable at 500 full cycles.


Quality based on experience

Reliability of Green Cell batteries Cell is a result of many years of working with lithium-ion technology. For nearly five years we supply high-quality batteries to customers in Poland and abroad. With the knowledge that we have acquired, we are able to provide professional help and advise before and after the sale.

We know everything about batteries

In case of any troubles we solve problems and offer advices at express pace. Each battery has a one year warranty and one month guarantee door to door.

Compatible with following devices


Technical specifications

Capacity 6800 mAh
Voltage 10.8V (11.1V)
Number of cells 6
Cells technology Li-Ion
Warranty 12 Months
Cells manufacturer Panasonic
Condition New
Colour Black
Overdischarge protection Yes
Overcharge protection Yes
Product code TS13ULTRA
Manufacturer Green Cell


Average rating: 4.59 (22 opinions )

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59% (13 opinions )
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star star star star star


Great quality and good service thank you .

star star star star empty-star


Pleased with battery it fits perfect. And works well taking a first full charge with no problems.

star star star star empty-star


It's early days - but so far, so good. Arrived promptly, fitted neatly and works as promised.

star star star star star


Delivery quick and the battery does the job!

star star star star star


I finally can use my laptop without AC power. It's a good product so far but it's not straight as my original battery so the laptop doesn't sit flat.

star star star star empty-star


Fitted my lap top perfect, working ok, cant fault the product.

star star star star star


This seemed to be the best value for me. The battery is easy to install and has worked well up to now but has only been in for just over a week. It arrived promptly.

star star star star star


Does exactly what it says it does.

star star star star star


Excellent value for money

star star star star empty-star


So far so good, but like all these types of things, that are not originals, time will tell & it is very early days as I have only been using it for about a week. At the moment when I have charged the battery, as advised, it is telling me I have about 2 + hours, but I have't fully discharged it yet & I hope when I do so & then recharge it I will be told I have about 4 hours usage on the battery, we shall see.

star star star star star


Brilliant service and laptop can hold a charge again

star star star star empty-star


The Battery works very well but is a tight fit in the computer.

star star star star star


Very pleased with this battery. It is every bit as good as the original and I definately recommend it. Excellent seller communication and delivery.

star star star star star


As my previous battery had been gone for some time I had been having to use a mains connection all the time. Fianlly got this battery and realised how much I had missed one. Well pleased withe battery, good performance for a very reasonable price

star star star star empty-star


Appears to be up to 4 hours after several re-charges. But then a fault developed and kept shutting down my laptop - but of course this was outside the return date... Green Cell offered a full refund and too be fair, they did. Good customer service, thanks.

star star star star empty-star


My aging Toshiba laptop battery was expiring, so not worth spending a fortune on a genuine Toshiba battery. Having read the reviews on Google the Green Cell make came out very well. The delivery was fast and the battery had about 75% charge when it arrived.
I've run it down a couple of times to give it full charge. The battery is giving me about 5 hours of intermittent usage during the day; the laptop is constantly on and set on high power display.
I am happy with my purchase and the service. I have given the battery a 4 Star rating only because I don't know how long it will last [based on experience with non-genuine camera batteries].
I recommend the battery and the seller to other people.

star star star star star


good service, and good value for money.

star star star star star


Exellent service and the battery is perfect thanks

star star star star star


Ordered on Easter Monday, delivered next day free of charge. Very Impressed with the speed of delivery, especially as I ordered it on a bank holiday. Item was well packed, padded with sponge in a cardboard box by GreenCell, and overwrapped in cardboard by Amazon. The battery fits my Toshiba Satellite laptop perfectly, and arrived with a 70% charge with instructions to let it run down a certain amount and then charge it to get best efficiency . There is also a 12 month warranty card (I think, it's in Polish!!) I have now done 2 cycles where I used it until there was about 10% charge left and then plugged in to recharge the battery and am getting 4-41/2 hours of charge according to my laptop. Very pleased and would definitely recommend GreenCell.

star star star star empty-star


I am pleased with this purchase which is performing very well.

star star star star empty-star


First class service, and a great battery

star star star star star


Purchased as a replacement battery for a Toshiba Satellite C50. Out of the box it comes with an estimated 70% charge. after 2-3 charge cycles the battery provided around 4 to 4.5 hours of charge (estimated by Windows battery meter) with our particular model of laptop. Well packaged with warranty information, safety precautions and instructions.