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Camera Battery Charger LC-E12 Green Cell ® for Canon LP-E12, EOS M100, EOS100D, EOS-M, EOS M2, EOS M10, Rebel SL1

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  • Well known manufacturer GreenCell.
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Original Green Cell AC Adapter

for Canon LP-E12, EOS M100, EOS100D, EOS-M, EOS M2, EOS M10, Rebel SL1

Perfectly compatible AC adapter made from high quality materials, including the best parts available on the market. Green Cell AC adapter is a guarantee of safety and reliable power supply for your laptop.

  • compatible with your laptop
  • the quality of the original
  • precise finishing
  • freshly made

Dedicated AC adapter to your laptop

Safer and more durable solution than universal replacements.


The exact parameters

Green Cell AC adapters offer perfect voltage and current, which allows you to power even the most sensitive laptops.


Short-circuit protection

Automatically shuts off the electronic system when detect short-circuit.


Temperature resistance

The temperature control protects the equipment from overheating.


Power cable

Included UK plug


Warranty for 12 months

In addition, Green Cell AC adapters have one month door-to-door warranty.


One hundred percent compatibility

The perfect reproduction of the original model allows Green Cell AC adapters to work safe and stable with your laptop. We have a complete and proven compatibility list, so you can be sure that the product will match your laptop.


Work safety

Our AC adapters come from high-tech factories and they are subject to rigorous quality controls. By using them you can be sure that your laptop is charged with a current of constant voltage. They also provide protection against overload, overheating and short-circuits.


Quality based on experience

For nearly five years we supply high-quality AC adapters to customers in Poland and abroad. With the knowledge that we have acquired, we are able to provide professional help and advice before and after the sale.

We know everything about AC adapters

In case of any troubles we solve problems and offer professional customer service. Each AC adapter has a one year warranty and one month door-to-door guarantee.

Compatible with following battery models

67608002 6782B001AA LC-E12 LCE12 LP-E12 LP-El2 LPE12 LPEl2

Technical specifications

Power 5 W
Voltage 8.4 V
Amperage 0.6 A
Warranty 12 Months
Condition New
Colour Black
Product code ADCB09
Manufacturer Green Cell
Overheat protection Yes
Surge protection Yes


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