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Cable Green Cell GCev¹ Type 2 for charging electric cars (5m, 22kW, 32A, 3-phases)

Green Cell
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  • Essential for every owner of an electric vehicles - electric car charging cable terminated on both sides with the most popular Type 2 plug on the market. Thanks to the length of 5m, you can easily reach every wall charger
  • Easy access to energy - the cable is compatible with all AC charging stations in Europe that do not have a built-in charging cable. The Type 2 plug provides compatibility with all popular electric vehicles
  • Admirable construction - many restrictive norms ensures leakproofness, durability and fire resistance of the cable. High resistance with normal use allows more than 15 years of trouble-free usage
  • Rated current: 32A | 3-phase | Maximum charging power: 22 kW | Length: 5m
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Never be surprised on the road

Not all AC charging stations are equipped with a permanently connected cable allowing for easy charging of the car. The worst thing that can happen to the driver of an electric car is a visit to a station with only a charging socket but without its cable in the trunk. The GCev¹ cable on both sides is equipped with Type 2 plugs, which are standard in Europe for most charging stations. Thanks to it you will always be prepared to charge your car.

The GCev¹ cable will serve you for the most common type of charging, which can be found especially on the road, that is from the AC charging station. This is called Mode 3 - up to 22 kW of power - alternating current AC. Charging takes place from a wall station, "wallbox" or free-standing charger, through a cable equipped on both sides with plugs for the car and station, blocked during charging with electric bolts preventing accidental pulling out of the cable or theft.

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Full safety for you and the car

The cable, thanks to its design and construction with the assumptions of the IEC 62196-2 standard, is protected against foreign solids with a diameter of 1 mm and more and splashes with water from any direction. The flammability class UL94V-0 ensures that combustion is stopped within 10 seconds. In addition, the cable is resistant to external forces, which means it can withstand a fall of 1m and a 2-ton vehicle. The design of plugs allows for trouble-free use for over 15 years, with standard daily charging.

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Comparison of charging time

EV Model1-phase cable 3,7kW3-phase GCev¹ cable 22kW
Tesla Model S 27h 6h
Tesla Model 3 22h 8h
Tesla Model X 27h 6hr
Jaguar I-Pace 25h 12h
BMW i3 12h 4h
Mercedes B250e 9h 3h
Audi Q7 e-tron 5h 3h
Renault Zoe Q90 ZE40 11h 2h
Smart EQ forfour 5h 1h

Examples of compatible electric cars with GCev¹ cable

Audi A3 / Audi Q7 e-tron / BMW 225e / BMW 328e / BMW 330e / BMW 530e, BMW i3 / BMW i8 / BMW X5 40e / BMW BYD e6 / Hyundai Ioniq / Hyundai Kona Electric / Hyundai PHEV / Jaguar I-Pace / Kia Niro EV / Mercedes B Class Electric / Mercedes C350e PHEV / Mercedes GLE 500e / Mercedes S500 / Mercedes S550 PHEV / Mercedes SLS EV / Mercedes Vito E-Cell / Nissan Leaf 2018 / Porsche Cayenne S E-HYBRID / Porsche Panamera S PHEV / Renault Zoe / Smart Electric Drive / Tesla Model S / Tesla Model X / Tesla Model 3 / Toyota Prius Plug-in / Volvo S90 T8 / Volvo V60 / Volvo XC90 PHEV / Volkswagen e-Golf / Volkswagen Golf GTE / Volkswagen e-up


Technical specifications

Power 22 kW
Output Type 2
Input Type 2
Colour Black
Warranty 24 Months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Working temperature -30 - 50 °C
Vitality 10 000 cycles
Additional features: IP44, UL94V-0
Other 5m
Product code EV01
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, 2019-05-21

It's exactly what I needed, longer cable for comfortable charging. Nice quality!

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