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Green Cell ® Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter and Portable Power Bank KICKSTART

Green Cell
In stock.
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  • High-quality lithium-ion cells by Green Cell ensure long life and high, real capacity of your power bank – 11,100 mAh, which translates into long battery life and high start-up power.
  • Jump Starter – forget about the problem of a flat battery. Connect the clamps to the battery and turn the key in order to start your vehicle. Use a USB port or a cigarette lighter receptacle to charge your phone, tablet or laptop wherever you are
  • Clever design – the integrated LCD allows exact monitoring of the device's parameters, whereas the installed flashlight with 3 light modes will make it easier to work on your car.
  • Advanced control electronics – thanks to exactly matched charging parameters, it ensures complete safety of use, whereas a suite of protections prevents battery damage.
You save: £20,00




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What is a Jump Starter?

A Jump Starter is a device that will allow you to start a car/motorcycle/ATV/boat engine when the batter goes completely flat. It works like a standard power bank that is capable of generating high instantaneous current intensity, allowing start-up of a petrol or diesel engine.


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Green Cell Jump Starter with power bank function

Jump starter is a device thanks to which you will once and for all forget about the problem of a flat battery. It is ideal both for frosty winter days when your car has not been started for a longer period of time or when you have forgotten to turn off the lights.

With the integrated power bank function, it will also enable you to charge up you phone/laptop (if you have a charger with a cigarette lighter plug) and other portable devices. The built-in battery will allow vehicle start-up as well as charging of your devices at any time, without the need for an external power source.


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Easy to use

Simple design makes starting your car using the Jump Starter fast and extremely easy. Turn on the power bank, connect the clamps to the battery and then to the socket in the Jump Starter, wait until the green LED turns on and start the car!


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Safe and reliable

The Green Cell Jump Starter has been equipped with a number of protections and state of the art solutions which make it a reliable and completely safe device, and the most important ones include:

  • Input filter – the OVP circuit prevents overvoltage
  • Output filter – it monitors the output voltage and cuts off the device once the maximum value has been reached
  • RESET mechanism – the power bank can be reset by holding the Power button
  • Thermal sensor – it monitors the temperature of lithium-ion cells and prevents their overheating

The implemented mechanisms make the Jump Starter a professional tool that is always ready to go, one that meets your requirements.


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Comprehensive package in a handy case

Wide range of accessories will enable you to take full advantage of the Power Bank The kit comes in a handy hard case that protects its contents against accidental hits and impacts. The kit includes:

  • Green Cell Jump Starter
  • AC adapter for power bank charging
  • USB/micro USB cable
  • Adapter with a cigarette lighter socket
  • Car charger
  • Battery leads
  • Case
Compatible with following battery models
    Compatible with following devices
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      , 2019-01-05
      star star star star star

      Great piece of kit at a great price. Really convenient and well packaged. Must have for every car with battery problems!

      0 0
      , 2019-03-06
      star star star star star

      Had a problem with my Qashqai battery going dead every day for about a month so bought this charger to avoid me getting stranded in the car. Despite its small size it holds enough charge to power a completely dead car battery. Would highly recommend.

      0 0
      , 2019-02-23
      star star star star star

      It is super easy to use, connect to the battery, hit the power button and off you go. So easy, so compact that you can easily store in the boot of the car.

      0 0
      , 2018-12-27
      star star star star star

      Bought for my car as was worried my battery might not see the winter out. Charged it up and left in the boot but never needed it. After sitting in the boot for a month a colleague borrowed it to start a dead flat Ford Fiesta. Started it straight away and still shows 100% on the charge indicator. Proves it works well

      0 0
      , 2019-04-04
      star star star star star

      This is a great product that is so flexible in how it can be used. The unit has a quality feel and the accessories, starter lead and multi connector USB charger, fit snugly into the excellent zip up protective case. Arteck were also very helpful resolving a problem with the unit.

      0 0
      Technical specifications
      11100 mAh
      Cells technology:
      5V 2.1A (USB)
      12-15V 1A
      Overdischarge protection:
      Overcharge protection:
      12 Months
      Green Cell
      160mm x 80mm x 31mm
      Continuous current:
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