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Green Cell ® Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter and Portable Power Bank KICKSTART

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  • High-quality components ensure longevity and the real capacity of 11100 mAh
  • Build-in power bank function – charge your phone wherever you are
  • Torch with 3 flash modes – reliable all the time
  • Digital screen – indicates actual battery level
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Czym jest Powerbank?

What Jump Starter is?

Jump Starter is a device which helps you to start your car, motorcycle, quad or a boat when its battery is discharged.

Jump Starter Green Cell

Green Cell Jump Starter with power bank function

Having Jump Starter you can forget about discharged battery problem. It is perfect for cold, winter days when your car stays for a long time or when you forget to turn off the lights.

Build-in power bank enables you charging a phone, laptop (if you own a charger with a car lighter plug) and other devices. The battery inside will start your car and charge devices anytime, without access to the external power supply.

Well-equipped set in handy casing

A wide range of accessories gives you a chance to truly enjoy power bank possibilities. The set has a handy and solid casing protecting against impacts.

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Modern technology

Engineers developing the device relay on trusted suppliers and components. They have equipped Power bank with a range of useful solutions making our lives easier.

Temperature resistance
Temperature control ensures that Li-ion cells operate in moderate temperature.

Input protection
OVP circuit prevents from overvoltage.

Output protection
Monitors output voltage and turns off when the maximum value is exceeded.

Short-circuit protection
At the time short-circuit is detected, cells and electronics are cut off.

Automatic charging protection
When irregularities during charging are found, the process is stopped.

Protection against overcharging and deep discharge
Cells are protected against damage caused by too low or too high values.

You can simply restart the device by pressing the POWER button.

Overtension protection
Connected devices are protected if maximum output voltage is recorded.

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Technical specifications

Capacity 11100 mAh
Cells technology Li-Polymer
Output 5V 2.1A (USB)
Input 12-15V 1A
Condition New
Overdischarge protection Yes
Overcharge protection Yes
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Size 160mm x 80mm x 31mm
Weight 441g
Product code CJS01
Continuous current 200A
Peak current 400A

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