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Green Cell ® Universal Adapter to Electrical Outlet with USB ports

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  • Well known manufacturer GreenCell.
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Universal adapter for electrical outlets Green Cell ® with two USB ports

Travel adapter is a very useful device for anyone who goes on a trip. Allows you to connect electrical equipment to plugs of other standard plugs.


The most important features:

  • » High compatibility – The adapter is compatible with plugs and sockets in more than 150 countries, including countries like England, Australia, China, Japan, USA and many more.
  • » The adapter works in a wide range of voltages, As long as the connected devices allow it to be used on other voltage networks
  • » compact size and light weight – The adapter weighs only 140 grams and measures 7.5 cm x 6 cm x 5.5 cm. It will not take up much space or burden us too much
  • » 2 additional USB ports – The adapter also has 2 USB ports to charge your phone or camera without having to take a dedicated charger.
  • » pouch included – The adapter comes with a dedicated protective case to make it more comfortable to carry
  • » security – przejściówka posiada wbudowany bezpiecznik, który chroni podłączony sprzęt przed przepięciami, a także zapasową sztukę, która przyda się w sytuacjach awaryjnych i dzięki zamontowaniu w obrębie samego adaptera nigdy o niej nie zapomnimy


The adapter is compatible with most electrical outlets worldwide: Type A and B (in most countries of North and Central America as well as Japan), Type C, E and F (Europe), Type G (UK), Type I (Australia) , type J (Switzerland), type K (Denmark), type L (Italy). The adapter is not compatible with only the old UK sockets (D and M), which are still used mainly in India and South Africa, and the H-type socket used exclusively in Israel.



Cells manufacturer
Product code
In Stock

Technical specifications

Voltage 100-250V
Amperage max. 6A
Condition New
Colour Black
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Green Cell
Size 7,5 cm x 6 cm x 5,5 cm
Weight 140g
Product code AK40
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, 2019-04-07

Does just what it says. Recently took it to Norway, and this was the only adapter I had. It allowed me to charge my phone, watch and iPad simultaneously, whilst also having a laptop plugged in. It also doesn't make a high pitched buzzing noise like a lot of cheap switch mode type USB chargers seem to.

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star star star star star
, 2019-03-01

Works exactly like it's supposed to, great for Europe and the three USB sockets mean that it's now my main charger for home too.

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star star star star star
, 2019-02-16

Really useful product. I travel on business a lot, and this compact, well-made, adapter is ideal for my requirements. Comes with a nice pouch. So far it seems very reliable, and the USB charging sockets are a very useful addition.

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star star star star star
, 2019-01-21

For aboard this will come in handy. The price is really cheap and it’s easy to use

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