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Wireless Power Bank RDY 20000mAh QI 2x USB USB-C

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  • High performance lithium-polymer cells with a real capacity of 20000mAh.
  • Wireless charging function that allows you to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously!
  • Long working time, durability and high quality of workmanship make it a valuable long-term investment and a perfect choice for those who value comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics.
  • Advanced safety electronics and high efficiency significantly reduces energy loss while charging your phone and ensures full safety of the devices being charged.
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Wireless Power Bank RDY 20000 mAh QI 2x USB USB-C

Rich facilities:

  • 2 x USB - allows for express fast charging of up to two devices at once!
  • QI module - thanks to which we can charge our device wirelessly.
  • USB-C - The port can be used both to charge our devices and to charge the powerbank itself.
  • microUSB - ensures high compatibility with various equipment and comfortable use.
  • The ABS and PC enclosure is made of very durable plastic which will satisfy even the most demanding users.
  • The signal lights will give you precise information on the state of charge of your powerbank.
  • A universal microUSB cable is also included with the powerbank.

Lightweight and handy

Despite its high capacity, the power bank weighs only 420g and fits in your hand. It has a very ergonomic shape. The housing is made of a special plastic with no fingerprints.

Powerbank effectively extends the life of your devices, without taking up a lot of space in your trouser pocket, jacket or handbag. The energy bank is perfect for everyday use as well as for travel. The portable charger will provide power supply on the plane, bus or train.

Solid capacity

The real capacity of the Powerbank is as much as 20000 mAh, which allows you to charge your Apple Iphone / Huawei / Xiaomi / Samsung and other mobile equipment several times! RDY Powerbanks are perfect when your phone's battery is low and you can't connect your device to the mains charger. It is very easy to use. To charge your phone, just put it on the powerbank or plug it into a USB socket with the included cable and press the POWER button.

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      average grade
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      (9 reviews)
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      , 2020-04-28
      star star star star star

      I highly recommend it especially for the good price that it is being offered for.

      0 0
      , 2019-11-30
      star star star star star

      charges well as advertised, definitely good buy

      0 0
      , 2020-04-28
      star star star star star

      Good product with nice price

      0 0
      , 2020-06-03
      star star star star star

      Inductive charging works very well

      0 0
      , 2020-04-13
      star star star star star

      advantages: high capacity and induction charging

      0 0
      , 2020-05-25
      star star star star star

      definitely worth the money

      0 0
      , 2020-06-02
      star star star star star

      POWERBANK cool for little money

      0 0
      , 2020-07-09
      star star star star star

      better than the competition

      0 0
      , 2020-04-27
      star star star star star

      a little big, but it works perfectly

      0 0
      Technical specifications
      20000 mAh
      Cells technology:
      Overheat protection:
      Overdischarge protection:
      Overcharge protection:
      12 Months
      140mm x 72mm x 14.1mm
      Wbudowany kabel:
      Number of outputs:
      Output power:
      5V - 2.1A
      Charger type:
      Wireless QI
      Product code:
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