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Wallbox GC EV PowerBox 22kW charger with Type 2 cable for charging electric cars and Plug-In hybrids

Green Cell
In stock.
Shipping within 24 hours.
Satisfaction guarantee - 30 days return policy
  • GC EV PowerBox is a charger for the most demanding users of electric vehicles. LCD screen with access to the most important parameters, integrated Type 2 cable, minimalist design and exceptional durability. Bet on the Green Cell brand
  • Do not waste time. The GC EV PowerBox charger allows you to charge with up to 22kW - this is the highest possible value for AC charging. Thanks to this, you will save up to several hours!
  • Security is the key. We have equipped the charger with advanced electronics that constantly monitors the charging parameters of your car. In addition, the aluminum housing is extremely durable, tight and waterproof according to the IP66 standard
  • The integrated cable is compatible with all electric cars and Plug-In hybrids equipped with a Type 2 connector, among others. Tesla Model 3 / Model S, BMW i3, VW ID.3, Audi E-Tron, Nissan Leaf, Peugeot e-208, Renault ZOE or Hyundai Kona



GC EV PowerBox
Prepare for rEVolution

Charger for the demanding

PElectric cars are the future. Equip yourself today with a GC EV PowerBox charger and turn your garage, home space or office parking into an EV / PHEV user-friendly place. A modern, fast charging system and minimalist design - that's what you get with the Green Cell charger.

LCD display

All relevant charging data is now in sight - current power, session time, operating temperature or even capacity. In addition, there is a LED underneath the screen to indicate the current operating status of the charger.



Integrated cable

You drive up, clip on and load. Forget about storing and unwinding cables. Bet on a convenient solution.

3-phase connection

Just connect 5 cables and the charger is ready to go.

You can reach anywhere

The optimal cable length makes it always comfortable to connect your vehicle to the charger.

Connector Type 2 - European Standard

The GC EV PowerBox charger cable ends with the most popular Type 2 plug in Europe (IEC 62196-2). This ensures extremely wide compatibility with electric vehicles and Plug-In hybrids. This plug is also compatible with CCS 2 connectors.

Ergonomic handle

Resistance to falls and pressure
up to 2 tons

High durability of the plug
with 10,000 connections

Don't waste time and charge your car with up to 22kW of power

The Green Cell charger allows for the fastest possible charging with 22kW of alternating current - more than 10x faster than from the mains. In practice, this means that when you wake up in the morning, your car is 100% charged and fully ready for any route.

If your installation does not allow such current to be supplied, the charger will simply operate at the highest power available, e.g. 11kW or 7.2kW. If you ever have the opportunity to increase the power of your installation, you will not need to change the charger. GC EV PowerBox is ready for the future now.


The GC EV PowerBox is equipped with all the necessary safety features to protect your vehicle and charger from damage. Modern electronics, robust and tight construction guarantee reliability for years.

Durable aluminium housing

IP66 rating for external mounting of the charger

Automatic detection and diagnosing of charging irregularities

Wide range of permissible operating temperature

Compatible vehicles
with Type 2 connector

Tesla Model 3 / Model Y / Model S / Model X
Mercedes EQC / A250e / C350e / GLC 350e
Audi E-Tron
BMW i3 / i3s / i8
Jaguar I-Pace
Volvo S90 PHEV / V60 PHEV / V90 PHEV / XC60 PHEV / XC90 PHEV
Renault ZOE
Nissan LEAF
Kia e-Niro / e-Soul / Niro PHEV / Optima PHEV
Hyundai IONIQ Electric / KONA Electric
Volkswagen e-Golf / Golf GTE / e-Up! / ID.3
Skoda Citigo iV

You have not found your vehicle? Check our compatibility list!

Extremely easy installation

The kit includes a drilling template, a set of screws and pins and a bracket for convenient storage of the cable on the wall.

A step ahead of traditional car

Whether you were guided by the question of a clean environment, the technological possibilities or the economics of the electric car, we want to congratulate you on your excellent choice and on being one step further away from the classic car. We are pleased that you can join us in this new wave of green energy that will help change this world!

Compatible with following battery models
    Compatible with following devices
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      Technical specifications
      22 kW
      32 A
      Integrated Type 2 cable
      380 V +/- 20 V AC (3-phase), 32 A (max), 50 Hz
      Overheat protection:
      24 months
      Green Cell
      Working temperature:
      -40 - 55 °C
      Additional features:
      Surge protection:
      Product code:
      Residual current protection:
      Type A


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