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Power Bank Romoss Sailing 5 13000mAh

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  • Well known manufacturer .
  • The battery with original cells by Samsung lasts longer.
  • The technology used in batteries does not differ from the original ones
  • Capacity: 13000 mAh | Voltage: 5V | Warranty: 12 Months
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What is the power bank?

Power bank to przenośna bateria zewnętrzna, the bank of energy that allows to power any device charged from the USB port, for example: phone, tablet, camera or video camera, etc.

ROMOSS Sailing 5 13000 mAh

  • The highest quality power bank with real capacity of 13 000 mAh
  • High quality cells branded by SAMSUNG
  • Sync Charge - simultaneous charging of power bank and devices
  • 2 USB ports - charging two devices at the same time
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, mp3, mp4 etc.
  • ultra fast charging

Compact size, robust design

The original design, high quality case with a very durable ABS will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. The case works in daily intensive use even in the most extreme conditions thanks to refining the device.

Reliable capacity and efficiency

The real capacity of power bank is 13 000 mAh. With excellent cells and advanced electronics, Sailing 5 have up to 92% of efficiency which significantly reduces energy losses during charging and increases the actual capacity.


In device housing was placed battery charge indicator and 2 USB ports. USB output in 2.1A will charge your device even faster, and thanks to its advanced security system you have not to worry about it.


Engineers involved in the construction of the device, besides that they use components of reliable suppliers, they also equip power bank in a number of useful solutions, which make it even easier to daily use.

Resistance to temperature
Temperature control makes lithium-ion cells operate in a safe range for them.

The input security
OVP circuit prevents surges.

The outut security
It monitors the output voltage and turns off when the voltage exceeds the maximum limit in order to protect the power bank.

Protection against short-circuit
At the time of detection of short-circuit, it automatically shuts off the cells and electronics.

Automatic charge protection
At the time of detection of improper charging automatically stops charging.

Protection against overcharge and over discharge
The detection of values outside the scope is protecting the cells from damage.

Reset mechanism
You can reset the power bank by simply pressing the Power button.

Protection against output overload
It protects connected device against damage when it detects the maximum current output.

Fitcharge and Power guard

Fitcharge technology detects maximal input current of charging device and adjusts parameters of PowerBank for maximum compatibility.

Power guard technology is used to saving power of device. If power bank won't be using for 60 seconds it will turn off by itself

Sync Charge

Synchronization of charging will allow you to save time. At the same time you can charge the power bank and your mobile device.


The set includes a universal microUSB cable, which provides high compatibility and comfortable use.


Technical specifications

Capacity 13000 mAh
Voltage 5V
Amperage 1 x 1A , 1 x 2.1A
Cells technology Li-Ion
Cells manufacturer Samsung
Condition New
Overdischarge protection Yes
Overcharge protection Yes
Colour White
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Romoss
Size 138 x 62 x 21.5mm
Weight 296g
Product code PB11
Number of outputs 2
Capacitive group 10400 mAh - 15600 mAh (large)


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