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Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Cleaner XCQ01RM Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (EU Plug - Type C)

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  • The most convenient solution available on the market. You will forget about tangled cables in traditional vacuum cleaners and clean up places without access to the socket
  • Big power - Roidmi F8, despite its small size, has suction power, which is comparable to traditional vacuum cleaners. In addition, it features 50 minutes of work on one battery charge, which is enough to clean up 350 m²
  • Versatility - the modular construction of the vacuum cleaner allows you to clean up the hardest places available. The set has six terminals and connecting pipes: rigid and flexible. The brushes have a mechanism that allows them to be bent at many angles
  • Mi Home - connect the vacuum cleaner with the application and monitor the most important cleaning parameters, including filter wear


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  • Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Cleaner XCQ01RM Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (EU Plug - Type C)
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Attention - charger has EU Plug (Type C) not compatible with UK socket.
In our offer we have solution - GC Adapter from EU to UK Plug

Odkurzacz Xiaomi Roidmi F8

Vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roidmi F8 European version:

  • The wireless vacuum cleaner is a convenient and functional device that perfectly complements the space of your home. No tangled cables allow more freedom when cleaning and being unattended at the nearest outlet. Thanks to this, the vacuum cleaner can be successfully used outside the home, eg when cleaning the car.
  • The powerful battery provides up to 50 minutes of work on one charge cycle. This is enough to clean up 350 sq m.
  • The high suction power of 18.5 kPa, which Roidmi F8 has, does not deviate from the standards of ordinary vacuum cleaners. Greater mobility allows more convenient and more accurate cleaning in hard to reach places. To clean extremely dirty surfaces, just turn on the Turbo mode.
  • The modular design allows you to adapt the vacuum cleaner to the needs and conditions in the room. Six interchangeable tips and pipes (rigid and flexible) allow access to all corners.
  • Mi Home vacuum cleaner connects to a special application that monitors all cleaning parameters, including filter wear.
  • Fast charging time one full battery charging cycle is just 150 minutes. Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner is additionally equipped with such facilities as: automatic LED backlight in dark places, tank full indicator, HEPA filter and magnetic wall docking station.
  • Full support - the vacuum cleaner has a warranty and user manual.
Wireless vacuum cleaner 
Roidmi F8 is an extremely versatile device that is characterized by great comfort during use. Thanks to the replaceable tips, you will quickly get to a hard-to-reach place and calmly clean the space of the car or the backyard gazebo. Weight 1.5 kg allows for easy and trouble-free service. The Roidmi F8 engine is powered by a 2500 mAh battery, allowing 50 minutes of work in standard mode. During this time, you can clean the area of ​​350 m2!
Xiaomi Roidmi F8
końcówka odkurzacz Xiaomi
Perfect power
The Roidmi F8 engine was designed and manufactured by Samsung. It provides 18.5 kPa suction power, which is equivalent to the performance of traditional vacuum cleaners. As a result, after changing to a cordless vacuum cleaner, you do not lose quality, and you gain a lot of comfort. Turbo mode allows for efficient cleaning of hard to reach and heavily soiled areas. This mode is extremely useful for all pet owners who lose their fur by leaving it on the carpet or sofa. In addition, the Roidmi wireless vacuum cleaner is extremely quiet - its volume does not exceed 75 decibels.
Thorough cleaning
The main brush of the vacuum cleaner is an electric cover, with its own independent motor. The nylon brush rotates at high speed, collecting mites, hair, fur and bacteria.
mechanizm roidmi f8
Odkurzacz Roidmi F8
You will vacuum every angle
The second basic brush is an overlay for daily vacuuming. It is very flexible and torsional in both directions. It has a built-in LED lamp that automatically lights up when it detects a dark place.
Build as you like
The Xiaomi Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner is a set of 13 unique components that make the equipment versatile. Thanks to them, the whole can be quickly adapted to the conditions of the place that you intend to clean up. 6 terminals, two connecting pipes, bending under multiple angles - all this provides a large room for maneuver.

xiaomi roidmi f8 części

aplikacja Mi Home
The intelligent Mi Home application
With the vacuum cleaner you can connect via Bluetooth with the Mi Home application. It provides information on the consumption of the battery, filter and the degree of cleaning of the surface. With the application, you can also maneuver the engine power.
Professional filter
The Roidmi F8 vacuum cleaner filter consists of 4 elements. The metal filter mesh absorbs initial impurities. Next, the tank separates the solid particles into the container. Another HEPA filter is used to absorb microparticles, mites and bacteria. The last element of the filter, which is a polymer sponge, serves to release clean air.
filtry xiaomi roidmi f8
stacja dokująca odkurzacza
Magnetic docking station
After finishing work, you can comfortably attach the vacuum cleaner to the magnetic docking station, as a result it will not take up much space in the house or flat.
The vacuum cleaner has the following buttons:
- Changing the operating mode - switching the vacuum cleaner between the STANDARD and TURBO modes
- Button for switching the vacuum cleaner on and off
- Operating mode indicator - indicates whether the vacuum cleaner operates in STANDARD or TURBO mode
- Tank full indicator - it will inform you exactly what the condition of the tank is and when it should be emptied
xiaomi roidmi f8 wskaźniki
odkurzacz zbiornik na kurz
Thoughtful tank
The Xiaomi Roidmi F8 is equipped with a 0.4 liter dust container. The compact design separates dust from solid debris - as a result, it allows opening and emptying the container without touching the dirt.
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Technical specifications
2500 mAh
Cells technology
25.60 x 15.70 x 117.80 cm
Bluetooth 4.0
Work time
STANDARD - 50 min
Return policy
up to 30 days
Charging time
150 min
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