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Pentax (2)

Pentax battery

Capacity: 1050 mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Product code: CB86
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Capacity: 1860 mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Product code: CB25
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The most durable and robust, specially selected, top quality replacements for batteries for cameras of the well-known Pentax brand manufactured by Green Cell.

Pentax cameras are the perfect choice for professionals and amateurs alike. A wide range of lenses, robust construction and an innovative sensor stabilization system are just some of the reasons why Pentax cameras will become your perfect companion in all conditions. But don't forget a solid, high capacity battery, because without it you can't take beautiful pictures.

A few words about batteries, or why does Pentax camera battery life run out?

Inside each Pentax battery, there are cells that, through appropriate chemical reactions, are able to generate the energy needed to power your camera. However, they have a specific capacity, which translates into an operating time of one full charge. Over time and with each recharge cycle the Pentax battery lifespan decreases and the shooting time is reduced.

Just like every camera manufacturer, Pentax will tell you how many full charge cycles they estimate the battery life to be. This can vary depending on the camera model and battery intensification. When the battery life is coming to an end, the camera works for a much shorter time than it did at the beginning when the battery was new. Finally, the battery stops working completely.

Battery not charged = no shooting

When buying photographic equipment, even for amateur use, you should include an additional power supply. It is not worth counting on being able to repeat a photo or find a power socket in the middle of the wilderness. The presence of a stationery shop nearby shouldn't be a guarantee of safety either - after all, there's no guarantee that the shop will have a battery that's fully compatible with your Pentax camera.

Going on a photoshoot, a photo report or even a trip with family or friends with only one Pentax battery is risky. Camera batteries have a tendency to go flat when you least expect them. Therefore, make sure you have a spare battery for your equipment.

The battery is small and weighs very little, so its presence in your luggage will be completely unnoticeable. And you'll have peace of mind that there will be moments or views that you can't capture through your own preparations.

Which battery should I choose for my Pentax camera?

The key choice here is between an original and a replacement. If you think that buying a replacement battery is unwise, you are wrong. Yes, they are notorious if we are talking about low-quality replacements.

This is not the case with the batteries manufactured by Green Cell. These batteries are precisely tailored to the requirements of specific Pentax camera models and are fully compatible with them. They also match the quality of the original.

You don't need to worry about the safety of using Green Cell batteries either. Although every manufacturer of photographic equipment warns against non-original batteries, these batteries undergo rigorous quality testing and have all the necessary safety features. In addition, Green Cell batteries are covered by a one-year warranty, and one year is roughly equivalent to the service life of an original Pentax battery.

You'll find proven Green Cell batteries straight from the production line in Battery Empire. All you need to do is search for the Pentax battery for your camera model and you're ready to go!

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