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Battery for Bosch vacuum cleaner

Green Cell ® Battery FD9403 for Bosch BBHMOVE4 BBHMOVE5 BBHMOVE6
Green Cell Battery FD9406 for Bosch BBHMOVE7 vacuum cleaner
Capacity: 3Ah
Voltage: 18V
Product code: PT158
Capacity: 3Ah
Voltage: 20.4V
Product code: PT159
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Vacuuming does not necessarily have to be a duty that automatically causes aversion when it comes. Keeping your house or apartment clean is not only a healthy habit, but also a symbol of your quality of life. A vacuum cleaner is a tool that will sooner or later be used no matter how much you feel about it. Vacuuming with the right vacuum cleaner can not only be speeded up considerably but also made more comfortable. Bosch vacuum cleaners prove this very well and are increasingly being chosen by users looking for a combination of quality, performance and price.

Which battery to choose for your vacuum cleaner?

Bosch is a manufacturer whose products improve many of the daily lives of customers around the world. Although Bosch cordless vacuum cleaners have a very good performance, the battery in the vacuum cleaner can start to work over time. Buying a new vacuum cleaner is an unnecessary expense. A more economical solution is to buy a compatible battery to replace the old one.

Batteries for a Bosch vacuum cleaner

You will find new batteries for Bosch vacuum cleaners in our Battery World shop. Each one is covered by a warranty period, so you can be sure that the new battery will serve you long and efficiently to replace a worn out battery. With replacement batteries for Bosch cordless vacuum cleaners, cleaning will take on a new dimension and your home or apartment will always be clean and representative.

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