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Olympus (3)

Olympus camera battery

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How to choose a battery for a camera?

In order to select a compatible battery for a camera, one must check the model of the original battery. Where can you find this information? On the nameplate, of course, which is located directly on the product.

In order to select a compatible battery for a camera, one must check the model of the original...

Replacing a battery in a camera

After buying a new battery, all that remains is to start using it. Replacing a battery is not difficult and in most cases you can do it yourself - if you have trouble you can always refer to the youtube guides.

After buying a new battery, all that remains is to start using it. Replacing a battery is not...

Can the battery capacity (mAh) be larger?

The battery capacity (mAh) may be larger than the original battery. Please note that the larger the battery, the longer the lifespan of your device.

The battery capacity (mAh) may be larger than the original battery. Please note that the larger...
Capacity: 1900 mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Product code: CB72
Capacity: 1100 mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Product code: CB82
Capacity: 1600 mAh
Voltage: 7.4V
Product code: CB83
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Only specially selected, highest quality replacements for camera batteries of the renowned Olympus brand from Green Cell.

Olympus is a world-renowned camera brand. Great specifications, stylish workmanship and a relatively low price make many amateur photographers choose this company's models as a handy companion for every journey. If you have already started to complete your photographic equipment with one of them, don't forget about a good Olympus camera battery!

What battery powers an Olympus camera?

Olympus cameras feature lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in photographic equipment. They allow a long run time on a single charge, as their capacity reaches up to 1900 mAh. This is a real capacity that makes the camera work efficiently and smoothly.

A characteristic feature of each lithium-ion Olympus camera battery is the lack of memory. Thanks to it, you don't have to wait until the battery is fully discharged before you can plug it back in to charge. The process can be started even when the battery charge level indicates 90%, without the risk of damage.

Olympus camera battery packs have a fixed lifespan of approximately 500 full charge cycles. The number of these cycles increases in proportion to the depth of discharge. For example, a battery charged from a depth of discharge of 50% can last for up to 1500 cycles.

When should you consider buying a new Olympus battery?

The shortest way to recognise the end of a battery's lifespan is by its reduced runtime per charge. The Olympus camera battery needs considerably more time to recharge fully. As the capacity of the cells decreases, the battery may stop working at any time.

So it's always a good idea to have a spare battery on hand. Few amateur photographers devote enough time and attention to their Olympus batteries to realise that their capacity is getting low. It's the nature of things to fail when you least expect it, and you'll miss the chance to capture the moments and places that matter to you.

In addition to your primary source, make sure you have a spare battery. When the first one dies, you can always reach for a second battery and continue shooting. Olympus Li-Ion camera batteries are small and lightweight, so you won't even notice them in your pocket or backpack.

What Olympus camera battery should I choose – an original or a replacement?

Each modern replacement of Olympus camera battery from trusted manufacturers such as Green Cell is practically the same as the original battery. They are made from the same materials, have the same specifications and have the same design. However, they are significantly cheaper than the original batteries. The question remains to be answered: is it worth overpaying?

Green Cell batteries are fully compatible with Olympus cameras. They are equipped with modern control electronics, thanks to which they work with the equipment in the same way as original batteries. They also have the same service life, although the capacity of the Green Cell battery may be greater and thus provide you with more shooting time.

You don't have to worry about the safety of using a replacement battery. They all undergo rigorous quality testing and are inspected at every stage of production. In addition, they have all the necessary safety features, and the manufacturer of Green Cell batteries itself has covered them with a one-year warranty.

You'll find Green Cell batteries for your Olympus camera at Battery Empire. Allow yourself a long, safe working life and don't lose any more shots!

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