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Charger for tablets (1)

Tablet charger

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Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 12V 2.58A 36W for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i Pro 4
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Tablet chargers

Tablets have become extremely popular and have many enthusiasts. The users value them for their mobility and comfort of use. Among the features that are most satisfying for users are the large display and the possibility of choosing a model with a connected keyboard in a relatively small size. However, to maintain free and mobile working, it is necessary to charge the device regularly. For this, you will need a tablet charger, typically included in the package. Nevertheless, if the power supply is damaged or you need an additional one, be sure to check out the offer of Battery Empire and purchase the best product for charging mobile devices. 

A tablet charger should, above all, be compact, inexpensive and quickly charge the battery with power. With frequent and intensive use of a mobile device, the battery discharges quite quickly. That is why it is so essential to have a high-quality tablet charger. It is also worth investing in an extra power adapter that you can keep at work, in your car or travel bag. That way your device will always be ready to use. 

Which tablet charger is the best choice?

With a good tablet charger, you can ensure power even on the go. There are some key points to bear in mind when buying a charger. It is vital to match the output voltage of the charger with that of the tablet. Even slight variations can damage the battery, so the tablet charger must be fully compatible with your device. It is also essential to match the amperage. Too low can lead to overheating, while a higher amperage should not cause any damage. However, if the power supply has the same amperage as the tablet requires, it will not overcharge a tablet. 

Also, don't forget the appropriate type of plug that will fit your tablet. The most common plugs are USB-C, MicroUSB or Lightning. 

Often there are also differences in the length of the cable. A longer cable is not always better. It depends entirely on your individual preferences. When making your choice, determine where you most often connect your tablet to the charger. It is also a good idea to buy several cables of different lengths. 

Buying a new tablet charger is not at all simple and straightforward. You have to decide between an original power adapter and a replacement. Charging devices made by specialist companies are often a significantly better choice than the tablet manufacturer's products. Replacement chargers not only boast a greater variety but also offer additional features and much lower prices.

Green Cell - top quality at a reasonable price

Our shop offers high-quality replacement tablet chargers from the renowned company Green Cell. The brand has been developing dynamically since 2013, and since then, successively increases its share in the market of mobile solutions. GC products offer excellent quality, high efficiency, incredible lifespan and attractive prices. Innovative solutions make mobile equipment work smoothly while meeting high-performance requirements. An original Samsung tablet charger will be significantly more expensive than a Green Cell one.

Green Cell tablet chargers have special safety features. These include overcharge, overvoltage and thermal protection. 

A discharged battery of your mobile device? No problem! 

Take advantage of our special offer and buy a Green Cell tablet charger at an extremely favourable price and join the ranks of our satisfied customers. We look forward to serving you!