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Samsung battery

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How to choose a battery for a cell phone?

Choosing a battery for a mobile phone is a simple and intuitive thing. This can be done in a few moments using the following two methods:
1. Specification of the phone model. The phone model can usually be found on the device. After reading and entering the model into the store's search engine, the correct battery will appear. e.g. iPhone 6s / Xiaomi Mi 5 / Samsung Galaxy S4
2. Battery CodeYou can also search for a battery by entering its code - this is found on the inside of the battery. Simply enter the appropriate code and our search engine will show you the relevant products! eg BM39 / BS-01/ A1457 We also recommend you to read the guide on our blog: How to choose a cell phone battery?

Choosing a battery for a mobile phone is a simple and intuitive thing. This can be done in a few...

How do you check the battery capacity in a cell phone?

The battery capacity is indicated directly on the battery. This information is located on the inside of the device. You can also use modern applications that monitor battery status. An example of such a program is Battery Info, developed for Android smartphones. The application is easy to use, so one can easily check the information about the current battery status.

The battery capacity is indicated directly on the battery. This information is located on the...

Can the battery capacity (mAh) be larger?

The battery capacity given in milliampere hours (mAh) may differ from the factory battery. If you choose a battery with a larger capacity, your device will have a longer service life and you will gain more mobility and comfort of use!

The battery capacity given in milliampere hours (mAh) may differ from the factory battery. If you...

How to extend cell phone battery life?

There are a few simple methods that are effective in extending the life of a battery: 1. Don't discharge your battery to 0!
Our phone's battery, known as the battery, doesn't like that. So don't wait for the low battery warning to appear. When the battery level drops below 40%, it is advisable to connect the phone to a charger.
2.Connect the cellphone to a charger frequently.
Modern lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect. Frequent charging therefore has a positive effect on their performance. According to the experts, it is best to reach 80-90% state of charge.
3. Avoid extreme temperatures
Cell phone batteries are a bit like their users - they feel best in moderate temperatures. Leaving your phone in direct sunlight or in a hot car can dramatically decrease battery life. It's also a good idea to protect your phone from the cold.

There are a few simple methods that are effective in extending the life of a battery: 1....
Battery Green Cell B800BC B800BE for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 N9002 N9005 N9006 N9007 N9008 3200mAh
Green Cell ® Battery EB-BG920ABE for Samsung Galaxy S6
Battery EB-BG930ABA for Samsung Galaxy S7 G930F
Battery EB-BG950ABA for Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F
Capacity: 3200 mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Product code: BP81
Capacity: 2550 mAh
Voltage: 3.85V
Product code: BP82
Capacity: 3000 mAh
Voltage: 3.8V
Product code: BP97
Capacity: 3000 mAh
Voltage: 3.8V
Product code: BP96
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Batteries for Samsung smartphones

Order a battery for your Samsung phone at Battery Empire and give your smartphone mobile freedom!

Take advantage of our shop's unique offer and choose the perfect Samsung battery in the comfort of your home. Our website allows every customer to find the product of their interest quickly and easily. All you have to do is select your device type, manufacturer and model in the search engine, and all the accessories compatible with your equipment should appear on your screen. This is the perfect solution, thanks to which you will easily find the appropriate battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 mini 3000 mAh, Samsung J5 battery and all other Samsung batteries that will fit your smartphone model. 

In the description of each Samsung battery, there is technical information about compatibility with the respective phone models. It guarantees that the cells have the correct parameters and dimensions. The new battery will ensure maximum performance, reliability and mobility. Replacing the Samsung Galaxy S5 battery has never been easier!

You can count on our help and technical support at any time. Fill in the contact form, send an e-mail or call us! We will help you to choose the best battery for Samsung phones. We guarantee fast delivery and the possibility of a personal pick-up in one of our stationary points. To meet our customers' expectations, we reduce the risk of making a mistake to a minimum and allow you to return the purchased goods up to 30 days from the date of purchase. In case of a wrong choice, it is also possible to exchange the battery for a different Samsung S5 model. 

We actively care about the environment, which is why we collect used batteries for Samsung phones. We also support activities concerning the recovery and recycling of batteries. 

In our shop, you will find high-quality replacements for Samsung batteries. Green Cell products are developed based on the latest technology, so they will successfully extend the lifespan of your smartphone. Do not throw away your phone because of a malfunctioning battery for Samsung Galaxy S5! Check out our extensive range and invest in cells from the reputable company Green Cell. Replacing the battery in your Samsung S5 gives you a new phone that will impress with its mobility and performance. 

Our products are of the highest quality and at reasonable prices. All available batteries for Samsung phones are consistent with the parameters and dimensions of the original batteries. Our constantly updated offer will meet the needs and requirements of users of mobile devices. With a good battery for Samsung Galaxy, you will fully exploit the mobility of your smartphone. Do not wait! Check out our assortment and choose a capacious battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 or another model.

Advanced technology 

Samsung is one of the most well-known brands in the field of electronics. With the continuous development of technologically advanced equipment, the famous giant is surpassing its competitors. Samsung develops modern, stylish, powerful and feature-rich smartphones used by millions of people around the world. The company continues to launch newer and more powerful devices. Such mighty mobile phones need the appropriate high-performance Samsung battery that delivers enough power and capacity. 

The company was founded in 1938 and nowadays is one of the largest corporations of this sort in the world. The group brings together numerous manufacturing, service companies and financial institutions. The first smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy series was developed in 2009. The battery was replaceable and had a capacity of 1500 mAh. Undoubtedly, this series made the company come to the fore and took the place of the market leader. In our offer, you will find both the battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini and the battery for Samsung Galaxy S5. 

Another quite popular line of phones is the J series. It is a mid-price line of phones. The 2017 models were already carrying cases made almost entirely of metal. They even had octa-core processors and quite a few additional features and facilities, such as a fingerprint reader. Improved J-series smartphones stole the hearts of Poles through attractive design, high-quality camera and good performance. The battery for the Samsung J5 3000 mAh provided an impressively long working time and excellent lifespan. This series was one of the best-selling smartphones in Europe. In our online shop, you can buy the corresponding battery for Samsung Galaxy J5 at an attractive price. 

Nowadays, Samsung due to the implementation of an innovative range of modern solutions is a leader in the tech market. No other mobile phone manufacturer can boast such a large variety of models and features incorporated into them. The brand offers both high-end devices and maximally efficient Samsung batteries. Powerful hardware ensures customer satisfaction and amazing performance. However, even the highest quality smartphone needs a new battery over time. Our offer presents cells that have the appropriate parameters and capacity. You will find Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo, Samsung Galaxy S5 batteries and replacements for other Samsung models. 

Even more power!

The new cells are the best solution from both an economic and ecological point of view. Green Cell products are an investment that will soon be recouped. The battery replacements for Samsung phones match the quality of the original batteries. They are completely compatible in terms of size and parameters. With their increased capacity, you get even more power and a longer service lifespan. Green Cell has batteries for the Samsung J5, batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini and many other models in its range. 

Green Cell specialises in charging and energy storage products. The Polish brand has been dynamically developing since 2013. It successively increases its market share in the mobile solutions market. Green Cell offers high standards and enjoys remarkable recognition among customers. Batteries for Samsung phones have an advanced control system that ensures the smooth and safe operation of the mobile device. The products are consistent with the original dimensions and specifications. The 3000 mAh battery for the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is extremely durable and guarantees a super long lifespan. 

Replacing the battery in the Samsung S5 is simple and safe, thanks to the excellent compatibility of the original Green Cell cells. Several protections will provide adequate prevention of overcharging, deep discharge and short circuit. Batteries for Samsung phones are also resistant to the most adverse conditions and extreme temperatures. We give you a 12-month warranty on all batteries. 

Are you losing freedom of movement? Your Samsung battery is draining faster and faster? Give your smartphone maximum performance and a long life span on a single charge! Buy a battery for your Samsung phone and extend the life of your device. A valuable replacement from Green Cell means better performance, durability and longevity! We invite you to visit the Battery Empire!

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