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Worx battery

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If I have a Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) battery, can I use Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride) cells?

Currently there are no sales of batteries based on Ni-Cd cells, they are being replaced by Ni-Mh cells which are less harmful to the environment. These cells can be used interchangeably, so we can use the Ni-Mh battery in exchange for the Ni-Cd battery.

Currently there are no sales of batteries based on Ni-Cd cells, they are being replaced by Ni-Mh...

If I have an old charger, will it charge the new one?

In this case, pay attention to the type of cells used in the battery. If you are planning to buy a Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery and have previously used a battery with Ni-Mh (Nickel Methyl Hydride) or Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) cells, the new battery will not be ours Charger charged and you need to buy a suitable charger.

In this case, pay attention to the type of cells used in the battery. If you are planning to buy...

How long does a battery last for a screwdriver?

Green Cell batteries are characterized by a long cell life - they can "manage" up to 1000 charging cycles, which ensures a long working time of your device.

Green Cell batteries are characterized by a long cell life - they can "manage" up to...
Capacity: 2Ah
Voltage: 18V
Product code: PT208
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Worx power tool batteries

Battery Empire offers a wide range of products for Worx power tools. Any professional will admit that having equipment you can rely on is vital. Our Worx batteries will ensure that your equipment is fully functional and reliable.

The Worx tool brand, owned by Positec, is a symbol of passion for innovative ideas. It has been active in the power tool sector since 2004 and is now firmly established in the market. In 2011, it won the DIY Week Award. The Worx brand is characterised by durability and clear customer orientation.

Worx tools receive positive reviews in almost all areas, while the flagship products are undoubtedly circular saws and cordless electric screwdrivers. Their high popularity is due to the excellent workmanship, high performance and good service life of the Worx batteries.

The efficient operation and user-friendliness of the Worx cordless screwdriver were awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2017. Also noteworthy are the Worx batteries, which provide long run-times per charge thanks to their capacity and high-quality cells. All batteries have protection against deep discharge and overcharging.

Intelligent innovation for Worx batteries

The company is characterised by its ambition to develop and produce durable and effective solutions. The brand's cutting-edge concept is the PowerShare battery platform, fitted to 20-volt cordless power tools. That makes the Worx 20-volt battery compatible with the entire range of these devices. It is a very convenient solution that has a direct impact on efficient work.

Also noteworthy is the brushless motor technology used in the cordless drill. This innovative formula impresses with its efficiency and durability. It makes the product last twice as long, and the motor power is 25% higher.

Power tools fitted with Worx batteries also include jigsaws, saws and angle grinders. All tools are characterised by high performance, precision and robust construction. They are reliable and safe to use in difficult and demanding situations. The Worx 20-volt battery-driven circular saw offers excellent flexibility.

The devices are the preferred choice of professionals and hobbyists. Practical and innovative solutions make power tools fitted with Worx batteries a valued and popular choice. However, even the best equipment requires service or replacement of the Worx battery. On large construction sites, an additional 18-volt Worx battery pack may also come in handy for ensuring smooth and optimal working times.

We not only offer Worx batteries for your drill, but also other Worx tools. The batteries we present ensure a long working time, maximum performance, impressive service life and a perfect fit for the respective model. Each product comes with a 12-month warranty.

Replacing the 18 V Worx battery will allow you to enjoy solid work readiness and mobile freedom. In our shop, you can save money and buy a high-quality Green Cell replacement that is faithful to the original dimensions and parameters. The technically advanced battery provides high performance, maximum runtime and an impressive memory effect-free life. Green Cell batteries comply with manufacturer specifications and precautions for safe and reliable charging.

Perfect Green Cell compatibility

The perfectly matched Green Cell brand battery can be used in drills, impact drivers, angle grinders, screwdrivers and circular saws. Replacing the Worx battery with a compatible replacement is a guarantee of high quality and effective operation of your device. The battery housing is made of durable plastic, which ensures durability in harsh conditions and protection against damage.

Worx batteries from Green Cell meet all operational safety requirements. The replacement battery can be charged using the charger you used previously. It is also suitable as a spare battery to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Green Cell represents a new quality of mobility in the power tool market. Thanks to strict testing procedures and many years of experience, it is constantly gaining more and more satisfied customers. It specialises in lithium-ion technology and has been developing dynamically since 2013.

Li-Ion batteries are among the most powerful, thanks to their high energy content, very high durability and energy efficiency. Due to their wide temperature tolerance range and large power reserves, Green Cell batteries have a long service life and are ideal for use in Worx power tools.

For a Worx battery to be replaced successfully, the replacement must be compatible with the original values. To do so, it is advisable to check the information on the nameplate or underneath the battery. A proper fit will also be ensured by the Worx tool model, which is listed in every compatible replacement on our website.

Take advantage of the Battery World offer and choose a perfectly manufactured battery based on high-quality cells.