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Microsoft Surface tablet charger

Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 12V 3.6A 48W for Microsoft Surface RT, RT/2, Pro i Pro 2
Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 12V 2.58A 36W for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i Pro 4
Green Cell
Voltage: 12V
Product code: AD62PKAB21
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Green Cell
Voltage: 12V
Product code: AD63PKAB21
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Due to its specificity, a special tablet charger is one of the most frequently exchanged electronic devices. Due to its use in the field and the high stress caused by mechanical damage, we are very often forced to buy a new power supply. The Green Cell power supply is a high quality device that is ideal for tablets and you have a 2 year warranty on it.

Microsoft Tablet Power Supply

Special Microsoft tablet chargers are vulnerable due to constant movement. It is often the case that the cable is damaged or simply the power supply for the Microsoft tablet fails. What to do in this case, which power supply to buy? We have the choice to buy the original Microsoft from the manufacturer, but it will be expensive. You can also buy a high quality power supply for your Microsoft tablet buy. Green Cell® power supplies ensure full compatibility with the manufacturer and model of the tablet. Performance parameters are identical to those of the original power supply. Thanks to its clever design, the Green Cell® charger ensures safe and stable operation for many years.