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Microsoft (2)

Microsoft Surface tablet charger

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Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 12V 2.58A 36W for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i Pro 4
Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 12V 3.6A 48W for Microsoft Surface RT, RT/2, Pro i Pro 2
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Microsoft surface charger

What should you do if your Microsoft Surface Tablet charger is no longer performing its primary function? Replace it with a new one, of course. Check out our range of efficient chargers and convince yourself of their reliability!

The Microsoft Surface laptop is a piece of hardware that impressed users mobility, manufacturing quality and ease of use. It's ideal for anyone who needs to be connected to the world in an instant. Mobile equipment is particularly exposed to harsh conditions. Constant movement, changing temperature and environment is the true test of endurance for this type of device. So it's no surprise that your Windows laptop's charger may eventually reach the end of its useful life. 

Which charger for your Microsoft Surface Tablet laptop?

Having high-quality equipment, it is not worth experimenting with cheap and uncertain replacements. That's why our shop offers solid and brand new chargers that will provide your laptop with a decent dose of fresh energy. Look out for Green Cell chargers as they offer a significantly lower price than the original chargers while maintaining high quality.

We offer our chargers for the Microsoft Surface Tablet in two variants. One is the classic Green Cell charger, and the other is the Green Cell PRO charger. The basic model ensures that your Windows laptop charger works perfectly with your hardware. It is a high-quality replacement with which you will not feel any difference compared to the original power supply. 

Our power adapters feature a safety system that protects the cells and electronics against short circuits. So you can be sure that for your Windows PC, a Green Cell charger will be a safe and solid replacement at a reasonable price.

The PRO series chargers offer a service lifespan extended to over three years of intensive use. These chargers are equipped with diodes and transistors, ensuring excellent efficiency, even at high operating temperatures. A large heat sink dissipates the heat efficiently and a mains filter stops interference from low voltage. In addition, the PRO series offers an additional set of protections, safeguarding the power supply against short circuits. The entire charger has a cable length of more than 2 metres so that even when plugged into a socket, you have plenty of freedom of movement.

Make sure you choose a good power adapter!

When choosing a new power supply, it is a good idea to pay attention to the specifications of your computer and charger.  IT allows you to make the best possible match between the two devices and to ensure that your equipment lasts as long as possible. So what should you pay attention to?

First of all, look at the wattage marked on the bottom of the computer, for example, 90 watts signed Input. Compare this information to the data on the original power supply, which you should find right next to the word Output.  The figure may also be given in amps. 

Remember that you should not use a lower wattage power supply, but you can safely buy one that offers a slightly higher wattage. Another parameter is the voltage, which may differ by 1 V from that specified by the manufacturer. Also, pay attention to the shape of the power supply plug and compare it with the pictures on the product subpage.

If you have questions or concerns and do not know which Microsoft SurfaceTablet charger is a suitable replacement, please contact us. Our consultants will help you choose the right accessories and tell you what to look out for.  Ensure you have reliable and proven power for your mobile laptop today!