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Phone chargers (5)

Phone charger

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Phone chargers

At Battery Empire, you will find a wide selection of phone chargers. Our extensive range is sure to meet your needs, and your new phone charger will be perfectly matched to its requirements and parameters. Discover our unique offer and order the appropriate charger!

How do I choose the right charger for my phone?

The correct charger will enable you to charge your smartphone battery quickly and without fail.  The parameters of the smartphone charger are responsible for the speed and safety of the charge. The mains adapter should have the values recommended by the manufacturer of the phone. Both voltage and amperage are very important.

Most mobile phone chargers have a voltage of 5 volts (V). It is a standard solution that allows for satisfactorily fast charging. The latest fast charging technologies use alternating voltages of up to 20 volts so you can charge your smartphone to 70% in just 30 minutes.

The speed of charging depends largely on the amperage. That is a parameter expressed in amperes (A), and its values for phone chargers vary from 1 to even 2.4 A! Too low an amperage significantly increases the charging time. The higher the number of amperes, the faster charging becomes. However, the amperage should be used with caution as more powerful chargers can reduce not only charging time but also battery life.

Choose the right Green Cell power adapter

At Battery Empire, you'll not only find mains chargers but also wireless and car chargers. They differ not only in the way they are connected and charged, but also in the number of ports, type of inputs, specification and, of course, appearance. Choosing the right variant, tailored to the individual needs and requirements of your device, will ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with your new power adapter.

Check our full offer and find the perfect solution for you, which will provide you with unlimited access to energy!

Green Cell mains chargers - one purpose, various possibilities!

A powerful battery is the heart of every wireless device. For it to function properly, it naturally needs a high-quality power supply, which will provide the necessary energy in no time. Mobile phone chargers from the renowned Green Cell brand are compatible with the majority of smartphone models. Excellent parameters are a guarantee of safety and satisfactory charging speed.

In Battery Empire, you will find multi-port smartphone chargers that will allow you to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously at maximum speed! The GC ChargeSource AC adapter will replace several chargers and effectively reign in the wiring chaos.

GC phone chargers equipped with modern Smart Charge USB ports. Their advantage is that they automatically adjust the optimal charging power for each device. The chargers also feature the innovative USB Ultra Charge input. It is a proprietary technology responsible for fast charging and compatible with Quick Charge 3.0, Apple 2.4 A, Huawei FCP and Samsung AFC.

Each Green Cell phone charger has several necessary safety features that effectively protect against overvoltage, short circuit and overheating and ensure maximum safety for both the battery and the smartphone. The whole is covered by a light and robust casing, which is resistant to all scratches, damage and shocks.

Wireless phone charger

If you want wireless charging, you can choose an inductive charger for your phone. Inductive charging is not only comfortable, but also does not cause problems related to damage to plugs and ports. Ports on smartphones tend to wear out and break, cables get lost, and plugs get bent. A wireless mobile phone charger eliminates this type of failure!

The 15 Watt GC AirJuice inductive smartphone charger will allow you to charge your wireless device in no time. Thanks to the metal casing, which dissipates heat perfectly, there is no need for a fan, and, therefore, the phone charger is silent!

Hit the road with a Green Cell car charger!

Modern mobile phones are perfect for use as car navigation devices. If you want to ensure that your smartphone is always ready for use during a long journey, invest in a powerful car phone charger!

Green Cell PowerRide multi-port phone chargers fit into the car, truck and RV cigarette lighters. They feature independent USB-A ports that utilize Green Cell's proprietary Ultra Charge fast charging technology, which will allow you to charge your wireless device more than 3 times faster than standard.

The GC PowerRide car phone charger is compatible with fast charging systems developed by Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei or Apple, so it will instantly charge devices from all manufacturers.

Looking for an efficient and functional phone charger? Discover our range and match a compatible power adapter that meets all your needs and requirements! We look forward to seeing you!

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