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GoPro (5)

GoPro battery

Green Cell ® Battery AHDBT-201 and Charger AHBBP-301 for GoPro Hero HD 3 3+ Black Silver White 1000mAh
Green Cell ® Battery AHDBT-401 and Charger AHBBP-401 for GoPro Hero 4 Black Silver 1100mAh
Capacity: 1220 mAh
Voltage: 3.85V
Product code: CB74
star star star star star
Capacity: 1000 mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Product code: CB22
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Capacity: 1100 mAh
Voltage: 3.8V
Product code: CB24
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Capacity: 1000 mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Product code: CB22+ADCB18
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Capacity: 1100 mAh
Voltage: 3.8 V
Product code: CB24+ADCB19
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The best battery replacements for Go Pro equipment from the reputable brand Green Cell. Let yourself experience the highest quality batteries.

Go Pro is a camera for special tasks. You can take it on a trip, an extreme ski descent or exploring the deep sea. Remember, however, that the Go Pro battery has its limits. When it wears down to the point where the camera can't capture a longer shot, get a new high-quality replacement from our online shop.

Is it worth buying a replacement battery for Go Pro?

A second battery for Go Pro will come in handy for anyone who likes to travel. The camera itself is small, and so is the capacity of the battery installed in it. The Go Pro is therefore not capable of recording hours of footage of hiking in the mountains. At some point, you will have to reckon with the battery running out.

This is why it is worth investing in a replacement battery for your Go-Pro camera. Bet on high-quality replacements from our online shop. You will buy a product matched to your camera model, and you will quickly find that it works as well as the original Go Pro battery. This way, you will ensure the comfort of using your Go Pro camera for many hours. Just take with you the Go Pro battery from a proven manufacturer!

Go Pro battery - replacement or original?

Every user of a sports camera at some point wonders what battery to buy Go Pro - a replacement or the original? Buying an original battery is sometimes associated with high costs. It also happens that the availability of this part is limited. In this case, the best solution will be a good quality replacement, which you will find in our shop!

Our offer includes only the highest quality branded replacements straight from proven manufacturers. Cells used in batteries sold by us are characterised by high durability and safety, even in extreme conditions. Modern software ensures that each Go Pro battery sold by us is compatible with its dedicated device and works just as well as the original.

Choose from a variety of products dedicated to all Go Pro devices on the market today. The large selection makes it easy to match a new battery to the camera you are using. In the description of each battery, you will find a list of compatible devices. Browse through it and make sure you're buying a good battery for your GoPro.

Take high quality Go Pro battery replacements on the go!

Stop worrying about whether you'll record your entire ride. You don't have to worry that your camera will suddenly stop working in the middle of your trip. Bet on good battery replacements for Go Pro from our online shop. Find out that you can record your stunts for many hours.

Each Go Pro battery in our shop is covered by a one-year warranty. This gives you confidence that you are buying a proven product. In the event of any problems, we will provide repair or receive a new battery without defects.

Convince yourself that it is worth buying in our shop. Extend the working time of your Go-Pro camera. Do not let yourself be defeated. Capture great moments even in the toughest conditions!

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