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MSI laptop charger

Chargers for MSI portable computers due to continuous movement are exposed to damages. It often happens that the cable is damaged or AC simply got lost. What to do in this case, which charger to buy?

MSI adapter

We have a possibility to buy an original one directly from MSI manufacturer, but we need to take into account that the price will be high. Another option is to buy a universal charger, allegedly suitable for all laptops, but we are obliged to set the charging parameters by ourselves. With that comes a high risk of mistake and as a result we can damage our equipment. Therefore, the only right choice is to buy a high quality, dedicated

MSI charger

. Green Cell® charger ensure full compatibility with the manufacturer model and computers model. Power parameters are identical with the original one and thanks to the clever design, the Green Cell® charger ensures safe and stable operation for many years.
Power: 120W
Voltage: 19.5V
Amperage: 6.15A
Tip size: 5.5 - 2.5 mm
Warranty: 24 Months
Voltage: 19.5V
Product code: AD69KAB21
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