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Battery R20 (2)

Battery 2x D R20 HR20 Ni-MH 1.2V 8000mAh Green Cell
Battery 4x D R20 HR20 Ni-MH 1.2V 8000mAh Green Cell
Capacity: 8000 mAh
Voltage: 1.2V
Product code: GR15
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Capacity: 8000 mAh
Voltage: 1.2V
Product code: GR16
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If you want the highest quality and durability, then the R20 replacement batteries from Green Cell available on Battery Empire are for you!

Check out the unique offer of Battery Empire and buy high-performance reusable R20 batteries.

Reusable R20 batteries are good for the environment and very practical. They are also much better for your budget in the long run than traditional batteries. One R20 battery can replace up to 1000 disposable cells.

R20 batteries are often used in all households and businesses. They are used in toys, torches, smoke detectors, clocks and many other devices. State-of-the-art R20 battery with rechargeable technology ensures an impressively long service lifespan even for devices with very high energy requirements.

Advantages of using rechargeable batteries

Disposable conventional R20 batteries have a short lifespan. They discharge quickly and therefore need frequent, regular replacement. Using standard cells forces you to constantly buy new batteries. A much more economical and convenient solution is rechargeable R20 batteries. Rechargeable batteries have a high real capacity and a long life. When they are discharged, simply place them in the charger and charge in no time.

The cost of rechargeable R20 batteries is of course higher than the price of traditional cells, but it will pay for itself quickly. When you go on a trip, you can take the small charger with you so you can recharge your R20 battery at any time. Choosing rechargeable batteries is the perfect solution. You will effectively save money and help protect the environment.

Because each of ours R20 battery is rechargeable, it doesn't contribute to polluting the planet. Disposable R20 batteries are not recommended because they need to be disposed of each time they are discharged, thus significantly increasing the amount of waste. Take care of the environment and replace the traditional cell with a reusable R20 battery!

Green Cell rechargeable batteries - an innovative solution

The Battery Empire shop offers a wide range of rechargeable batteries of the renowned Green Cell brand. The R20 batteries we present guarantee up to 3 years of intensive operation under heavy load. Imagine how many conventional cells you would use up in that time.

Green Cell R20 batteries have a low self-discharge rate. An unused R20 battery will retain 85% of its stored energy after even 12 months of storage, and lose only 30% of its energy over 10 years. Modern materials and advanced technology make this incredible performance possible.

The original GC nickel-metal hydride R20 batteries can be recharged with all commercially available chargers designed for this type of cell.

Discover the wide range of products offered by Battery Empire and bet on modern solutions that will provide you with the high comfort of using wireless devices!

Feel free to contact us. We are at your disposal.

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