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Car Inverter

An inverter, or inverter, is a device that allows us to use home electrical equipment wherever we are. The converter is connected to the cigarette lighter socket, or directly to the battery, and it changes the DC voltage of the electrical installation 12V / 24V AC 230V, which is the same as in the electrical outlets in our homes. The converters are used more and more often not only by professional drivers on long routes, but also people who always need convenient access to 230V.

Inverters from 12V and 24V to 230V

The inverters are divided into those with pure sine and modified. What does this mean for the operation of the device? The converter with a clean (full) sine will provide electricity to any electrical device, and it is especially useful for those requiring continuous power supply and equipped with an induction motor (refrigerators, air conditioners or pumps). Those with a modified sine are the perfect solution when you need to power less demanding devices: chargers for smartphones or laptops. In order to choose the right one

voltage converter

, think about what you will use it for and what power you need. In our offer you will find small car power inverters, with power from 300W to 500W. If we are looking for a converter for a truck, remember to stock up on a model with the right voltage - usually 24V.
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