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Car Inverter

Input Voltage
Usable power (continuous)
Instantaneous power (impulsive)
Auto Spannungswandler Green Cell ® 12V für 230V, 150W/300W
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An inverter, also known as an inverter or inverter, is a device that allows you to use your home electrical equipment in conditions where you do not have access to the network. An inverter connected to a cigarette lighter socket in a car or camper van (or directly to a battery) is a voltage converter which changes 12V/24V DC to 230V AC. Thanks to this, the same current that is found in our homes starts flowing to the devices. Converters (voltage converters) are divided into those with pure sinusoidal and modified. What is the difference between them? Inverter with pure (full) sine is able to power any device, but it is better for equipment that requires continuous power supply or has an induction motor. Examples are refrigerators, air conditioners and pumps. A modified sine wave converter is a better option for equipment that is used in a perfect way, such as a smartphone or laptop charger. Before buying an inverter, it is worthwhile to calculate your power requirement and then select the best inverter. If you plan to use the inverter continuously (from a few dozen minutes to several hours), the power consumed should not exceed 80% of the maximum power of the inverter. Knowing these forks and your needs for using your equipment on the road or during the trip.

Voltage converters from 12V and 24V to 230V

It is also worthwhile to choose options that have additional security and functionality. Thanks to this, the user is more prepared for the unpredictable, and his trip will not suddenly turn into a more burdensome one. However, it is necessary to measure the equipment for the intentions. If you want to use your laptop for a while during the tour, choosing a less capacious inverter without additional options such as emergency power supply (which allows you to pin everything together in case of a power outage and the appearance of power) will be a more appropriate option. In our offer you will find converters (voltage converters) with different sinusoidal, power and voltage. All of them are characterized by high quality and have a warranty period. Thanks to this, our customers know that they are purchasing options that will serve efficiently and without any failures for a long time. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer, you will surely find something for you in it quickly. Converters to the expense, whose purchase, anyone planning a further route will quickly congratulate themselves. Thanks to this addition, you do not have to give up safe charging and use the equipment to which you are used to every day.

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