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USB car chargers

Car charger USB-C Power Delivery + USB Quick Charge 3.0 Green Cell
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A car battery charger for your phone will keep you comfortable on the road

A battery charger is nowadays not so much a convenience as a necessity. Hardly anyone can imagine a journey into unknown territory without GPS navigation. However, these applications can drain your smartphone battery quickly, and stopping and plugging in the device is not always possible. The USB car phone charger is a quick and effective solution to this problem.

A car charger is an indispensable gadget during a long journey. The never-ending car ride can be made more enjoyable with a film on your tablet or listening to music. An exhausted battery makes a journey monotonous again. Thanks to a charger, your headphones, console or even your selfie stick will be charged in no time at all.

In this category, we have put together a selection of car phone chargers for your phone so that you can enjoy a full battery on the road. Thanks to their small size, they don't take up much space and can prevent a lot of hassle!

How do I choose a car battery charger?

Although a car charger is not a complicated device, it is worth answering a few questions before buying a specific model to be fully satisfied with your choice.

A USB car charger can charge not only your phone but also your video recorder, tablet or e-book reader. Before choosing a particular model, determine how many devices you want to charge at once. That is especially important if you are travelling in a large company. If this is the case, then one socket is far too few - it will only be enough to power your GPS navigation device, while the other travellers will surely want to use their equipment as well.

It is worth paying attention that at least one input supports the Quick Charge 3.0 or Power Delivery fast-charging standard. This will significantly increase the comfort of your journey and eliminate queues to charge your devices.

Also, think about what kind of car you'll be using the charger in. There are two types of car lighter sockets - 12 and 24 volts.  24-volt sockets are fitted in trucks, while 12 for cars.

So if you're travelling in an RV or are a professional truck driver, be sure to choose a model that handles higher voltages.

Also, check where the lighter socket is mounted and how much space it has available. It determines the size of the car charger for your phone. It is therefore important to choose a compact device that will fit into the socket even if the gear stick is positioned quite close.

Green Cell USB battery chargers are functional and aesthetically pleasing

In our range, you will find high-quality USB car chargers that will make your long journeys easier. What makes Green Cell accessories stand out from other similar devices?

Green Cell chargers in this category are equipped with three charging sockets, so you can successfully connect, for example, your phone, tablet and headphones at the same time. The port with Quick Charge 3.0 / Power Delivery technology allows you to enjoy a full battery again after a short while.

With the modern socket, you can also charge devices that do not support these technologies. The charger will select the correct parameters itself.

Safety is key. That is why Green Cell car battery chargers have protection features against sudden changes in voltage. It is especially relevant in cars that supply power to the cigarette lighter socket even when the engine is switched off.

Voltage spikes during engine start-up and shut-down are compensated for, so you can charge your device without fear of irreparable damage. The car battery chargers are also protected against overheating.

In addition, Green Cell car chargers are characterized by their careful design. The modern design looks good in your car. Some models are equipped with additional illumination. As a result, they not only look great but can also be used without problems, even at night, without having to switch on the lights.

A big advantage of chargers is their attractive price. For only several dozen pounds you get an accessory without which it is difficult to imagine a longer or even closer trip by car. You can enjoy the chosen model for a long time - high resistance to mechanical damage means that even a fall from a small height will not frighten it.

Check our offer and choose an electric charger, thanks to which every journey will become much more comfortable!

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