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AA battery (3)

Batteries AA

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Green Cell 4x AA HR6 2600mAh Battery
Ładowarka AAA i AA
Set Green Cell GC VitalCharger charger and NiMH batteries 2x AA 2000mAh 2x AAA 800mAh
Capacity: 2600 mAh
Voltage: 1.2V
Product code: GR01
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AA batteries

Traditional stick batteries are widely used to supply power to a variety of electronic devices such as remote controls, wireless keyboards, torches and toys. Unfortunately, they have a limited lifespan. They can't be reused - once they've used up all their energy, they can only be thrown away. Modern rechargeable AA batteries are an extremely ecological and economical solution! Simply insert the discharged AA batteries into the charger, and they will be ready for use again in no time. Take care of your household budget and the environment, and buy rechargeable AA batteries!

In the Battery Empire shop, you will find modern rechargeable AA batteries of the Green Cell brand, characterised by high real capacity and impressive durability. Rechargeable AA batteries guarantee up to 3 years of trouble-free operation! They meet all safety standards. The long service lifespan ensures reliable performance and makes the Green Cell AA rechargeable batteries last for up to 500 charging cycles. What's more, one AA rechargeable battery replaces up to 1,000 traditional disposable batteries. Go green today and replace your batteries with rechargeable AA batteries!

Is it worth buying rechargeable AA batteries?

We use more and more electronic devices in daily life. These devices very often acquire the necessary electrical energy from AA batteries. The disadvantage of traditional sticks is that they are disposable. Once the stored energy has used up, the cells can only be thrown away. That has its consequences not only in excessive pollution of the environment but also in straining the household budget. The frequent use of AA batteries is particularly noticeable when using equipment with higher energy consumption. 

You can use AA rechargeable batteries in all devices which have so far used traditional disposable batteries. High-quality Green Cell products will serve you for years while maintaining full efficiency. Manufactured with advanced technology, rechargeable AA batteries are completely safe for you and your devices. 

Undeniably, rechargeable AA batteries are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable batteries. It's also much cheaper and more convenient. You don't have to buy many spare batteries and waste space at home collecting used cells. You can use Green Cell rechargeable AA batteries as often as you need to. Their functionality allows them to be recharged several times. With the help of a modern charger, you can ensure that your devices have uninterrupted access to energy. 

Green Cell - a new dimension of quality!

The Battery Empire shop offers original AA rechargeable batteries by Green Cell, a company specialising in innovative solutions for energy storage devices and striving for mobile freedom for many years. The brand is constantly expanding its range and boasts a large number of satisfied customers. Top-quality goes hand in hand with attractive prices. GC products meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Rechargeable AA batteries maintain the high performance for a long time, and have a very low self-discharge rate. 

The presented original rechargeable AA nickel-metal hydride batteries are compatible with all chargers available on the market. They are completely safe and have the necessary protection against deep discharge and overcharging. The real high capacity of Green Cell AA batteries ensures an impressively long operating time per charge. 

In our shop, you will find AA rechargeable batteries with various parameters, so you can easily select the right product for your needs and equipment requirements. The use of solid materials and innovative technologies guarantees high durability and the long lifespan of rechargeable AA batteries by Green Cell. The cells designed to work efficiently in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to even 60 degrees Celsius.

You will receive your Green Cell AA batteries fully charged, so you can start using them straight away. Opt for an ecological and economical alternative, and don't worry about running out of batteries when you least expect it! AA rechargeable batteries ensure long battery life on a single charge and constant access to the necessary energy to power the devices you need. 

Discover the wide assortment of batteries in Battery Empire and choose modern AA rechargeable batteries from Green Cell.