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Nokia battery

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How to choose a battery for your phone?

Choosing a battery for your phone is simple and straightforward. It can be done in a few moments using the following two methods:
1.Indicating the phone model. The phone model can usually be found on the device. After reading it and entering it in the search bar of the webshop, the correct battery will be displayed. e.g. iPhone 6s / Xiaomi Mi 5 / Samsung Galaxy S4
2. battery code You can also search for a battery by entering its code - this is located on the inside of the battery. Simply enter the appropriate code and our search bar will show you the relevant products! e.g. BM39 / BS-01/ A1457 We also encourage you to read the guide on our blog: How to choose a battery for your phone?

Choosing a battery for your phone is simple and straightforward. It can be done in a few moments...

How to check the battery capacity in your phone?

The capacity is written out on the battery itself. Information can often be found on the inside part of the device. To do this you can also use apps that allow to monitor the state of your battery, such as "Battery Info" for Android. The app is easy to use and let's you check every information about current state of your battery.

The capacity is written out on the battery itself. Information can often be found on the inside...

Could the battery capacity (mAh) be higher?

Battery capacity expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh) may differ from the original battery. If you choose a higher capacity battery, your device will have a longer battery life, and you will enjoy increased mobility and convenience of use!

Battery capacity expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh) may differ from the original battery. If...

How to extend the phone's battery life?

There are a few simple methods that will effectively extend the life of your battery.
1: Don't drain your battery to 0! Our phone's accumulator, commonly known as the battery, does not like this very much. So don't wait for low charge warnings to appear.When the battery level drops below 40%, it's a good idea to connect your phone to a charger.
2. connect to the charger often Modern lithium ion batteries have no memory effect. As a result, frequent charging has a positive effect on their performance. According to experts, it is best to achieve a charge level of 80-90%.
3. avoid extreme temperatures Phone batteries are a bit like their users - they feel best in moderate temperatures. Leaving your phone in direct sunlight or in a hot car can significantly reduce battery life. It's also a good idea to protect your phone from the cold.

There are a few simple methods that will effectively extend the life of your battery. 1: Don't...
Green Cell ® Battery BV-5TE for Nokia Microsoft Lumia 940 950
Capacity: 1000 mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Product code: BP35
Capacity: 1000 mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Product code: BP10
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Capacity: 1050 mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Product code: BP11
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Capacity: 850 mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Product code: BP12
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Capacity: 2900 mAh
Voltage: 3.85V
Product code: BP68
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Batteries for Nokia mobile phones

Looking for the best battery for your Nokia phone? In our offer, you will find high-quality cells at attractive prices. Check out the products of reputable companies and choose the most efficient and long-lasting battery for Nokia!

Smartphones are now a constant companion in everyday life. Modern mobile phones are used not only for calls and texting but also for taking photos, listening to music, reading emails, surfing the internet and using various applications. Due to the variety of functions, mobile devices need high-performance hardware, such as a fast processor and a Nokia battery. The battery allows you to store electricity and reuse it. Smartphones need to work independently of power sources, so a powerful and long-lasting battery is essential for your Nokia mobile phone. 

If your phone is discharging faster and faster, or you've noticed the first signs of wear on the cells, be sure to check out our abundant selection!

We offer a wide range of batteries for Nokia phones. The products on offer have a high actual capacity and excellent manufacturing quality. Powerful substitutes Green Cell for Nokia batteries are tailored to the requirements of a dynamic customer. They are developed by the latest technology and ensure 100% compatibility, both physical and electronic. Our constantly updated range will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Just order a battery for your Nokia, and forget the problem of a constantly discharged smartphone. 

The first batteries were created as early as in the XIX century. Their fundamental principle of operation is based on the accumulation of electrical energy and the conversion of this into chemical compounds. To allow free use of the phone for a long time, the smartphone should have a high-capacity Nokia battery. In any battery, in addition to reversible chemical reactions, there are also irreversible side effects that cause the Nokia battery and any other battery to lose its properties over time and reduce its capacity. 

If your original Nokia battery is not working properly, you don't have to change your smartphone. You can equip your mobile device with a replacement battery for Nokia. This solution will take care of your budget and the environment.

Choose the best battery for your Nokia mobile phone

Not every energy storage device will be suitable for your smartphone. In the Nokia battery performance review, not only is the right size and compatibility, but also the technical parameters and capacity are important. When buying the perfect replacement battery for your Nokia device, there are some essential aspects to consider. 

Make sure that your new Nokia battery provides the appropriate voltage. An incorrect value can cause unstable operation of the smartphone. 

Pay attention to capacity. It is a figure expressed in mAh. The greater the number of milliampere-hours, the greater the amount of current available to the user. It is the capacity that determines the battery lifetime for Nokia 3310. 

Check that your new battery for Nokia has compatible connections and the corresponding design. The control electronics, as they are referred to, are responsible for providing accurate information about the state of the cells and their condition. You can find technical information about compatible models in the description of each product on our website. 

Remember that most smartphones utilise lithium-ion batteries. Li-Ion technology provides high performance and durability in Nokia batteries. It allows you to store up to twice as much energy as in acid-based batteries. The main advantage of modern technology is the low level of automatic discharge, high energy density and lack of "memory effect". Typically, lithium-ion batteries for Nokia phones retain their performance up to 1000 charging cycles. 

There are a few simple ways to effectively save energy and extend the proper operation of your Nokia battery. 

Key tips:

  • "power saving" mode enabled will reduce power consumption and therefore increase the battery life on a single charge,
  • use the automatic brightness control of the display,
  • use as few applications as possible at the same time and close those you are not using,
  • avoid unnecessary use of energy-consuming features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • disable unnecessary additional features (keyboard sounds, message icons or weather alerts and notifications).

Nokia battery lifespan is also dependent on proper usage. Avoid extreme temperatures. The lowest loss of capacity, provided by an ambient temperature between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Do not allow batteries to be completely discharged and fully charged. Nokia and other Li-Ion batteries prefer a medium charge (20 to 80%). 

Remember, however, that even the best quality cells will wear out over time. Proper use of the device and energy saving will extend the battery lifespan just like in Nokia 3310, but will not make it indestructible as such. 

Buying a new battery is the cheapest and greenest way to optimise the performance of your device. Don't give up the mobility of your Nokia phone. A replacement battery will easily restore your freedom to work and be mobile again. Explore the wide range in our shop and choose the model you prefer.

Mobility without limits

The Battery Empire shop offers high-quality battery replacements for Nokia phones. Green Cell products are characterised by high quality, durability and attractive price. The modern control electronics, fully compatible with your smartphone, provide accurate information about the status of the replacement battery for your Nokia phone. 

Green Cell cells meet all safety standards. They also have the necessary protective features that will effectively maintain the battery and the Nokia mobile phone. GC batteries protect against excessive discharge, overcharge, short circuit, overvoltage and extreme temperatures. 

Buy battery Nokia in our shop and join the ranks of satisfied customers. Green Cell products will ensure perfect cooperation with your smartphone. Batteries for Nokia phones are brand new and ready to install. They have undergone numerous tests, which confirmed their excellent quality and condition. 

By shopping at Battery Empire, you make your contribution to caring for the environment. We collect used Nokia mobile phone batteries and support the recovery and recycling of batteries. 

Green Cell has been specialising in lithium-ion technology since 2013. High standards and recognition among customers are a guarantee of the highest quality products! The brand continues to develop modern solutions to ensure the greatest possible mobile freedom. Batteries for Nokia phones are made with maximum precision, making them reliable, maximally efficient and long-lasting. 

Join the Green Cell revolution, buy a new Nokia battery and extend the mobile life of your smartphone!

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