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Lenovo battery

Green Cell ® Battery BL259 for Lenovo K3 K5 K5 Plus C2 Lemon 3
Battery BL267 for Lenovo Vibe K6
Capacity: 2700mAh
Voltage: 3.8V
Product code: BP69
Capacity: 3000mAh
Voltage: 3.8V
Product code: BP99
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The smartphone is a supplement to the busy everyday life, without which it is impossible to function properly. Modern users have gotten used to having the whole world at their fingertips. As a result, modern phones are used more frequently every day than their old colleagues, who were only used to make and receive calls. Today, everyone wants (and has) the ability to capture important moments in their lives and share them with a wider audience through a variety of applications. This makes the phone battery run faster. At the beginning, after taking the phone out of the box, the battery will last for a few days at full load. Over time, the charging cycles become more frequent and the performance of the battery becomes increasingly poor. There is no way to use it, but it is possible to put the phone back in the power line by replacing the battery. Our Battery Empire Store offers a wide range of Green Cell batteries for Lenovo phones. All Green Cell Lenovo Batteries are a perfect replica of the original without compromising energy efficiency. The result is an investment that pays for itself quickly in both the short and long term.

Self-service battery replacement for Lenovo

Contrary to appearances, smartphone batteries can be replaced independently without maintenance. This saves you time and money. During service, the phone often had to wait many times and weeks before the original part arrived, and during this time the user had to face a less efficient replacement. Independent replacement is a process that takes a few to several minutes, and the effects of the replacement will quickly be felt. Green Cell Lenovo batteries offer a quick energy boost and a return to more power. This allows the user to stop worrying if the battery bar suddenly goes down to zero during an exit, and instinctively look to see where the nearest power outlet is. Phone performance can be restored. There's no need to take a drastic step immediately and switch your phone to another model. The problem will multiply over time. Lenovo is a brand that's becoming more and more popular with modern users. It offers its customers around the world exactly what they need, seamlessly adapting to their needs and budget. When you replace the battery with Lenovo, you can enjoy your "friend" phone longer and avoid wearing it on a power line.

High quality batteries

Our Battery Empire Store offers customized solutions for various Lenovo models. Our offering is constantly updated to better meet the growing needs of the modern user. Replacing the battery in your phone will certainly be a step you can congratulate yourself on your success. Our shop offers a 12-month warranty on all

Lenovo batteries from Green Cell

. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, we are sure you will quickly find something for yourself.
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