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QI Chargers (inductive) (1)

Inductive charger

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Induction technology is becoming more and more established. QI wireless chargers are becoming more and more popular, and the way of charging them is becoming a standard in newer smartphone models. Inductive charging of the phone/other equipment is primarily a greater convenience in everyday life and cutting yourself off from using cables. By placing the phone on the charger, you can quickly charge or recharge it, and all without looking for a power supply, cable and attachment with a microUSB tip - the charging base will take care of everything. Induction chargers are also stylish accessories for modern rooms that allow you to express more of the unique preferences of the resident clearly showing his or her orientation to the latest trends in technological and design fashion.

Wireless chargers

In our Battery World shop we offer a wide range of options for wireless chargers with QI (inductive) technology, which will increase the daily comfort of charging your phone. Thanks to these chargers, the daily use of your smartphone becomes even more comfortable. The chargers presented in this category are compatible with any smartphone that supports QI (inductive charging) technology. The inductive wireless charger is not a big expense, it gives you more room to manoeuvre every day, allowing you to conveniently charge or recharge your phone whenever you need it.

The matching induction charger

The wireless charger is able to change the way the phone needs to be charged. You don't necessarily have to tie yourself to an outlet. The phone can be removed and laid down at any time without looking for the power supply and cable. A strategically placed charger with QI function in your home or apartment is able to positively influence your daily comfort and increase your phone's efficiency. With QI, you don't have to take long breaks in using your smartphone or other inductive equipment - because you don't need to tie up the equipment with a cable. Wireless chargers are accessories that will quickly make a positive impact on your home or apartment, allowing you to save time and distract yourself, e.g. during work, to plug in your phone, find a cable and provide a free space at the socket.

High quality induction chargers

Our Battery World Shop provides a wide range of dedicated and universal chargers with QI function to help you keep your equipment energy efficient and comfortable. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our specially selected and constantly updated offer. Wireless charging will provide greater daily comfort, allowing you to quickly charge your phone and stop attaching cables - especially if your phone is to be connected to a clogged power strip. This is a new standard, which will surely quickly appeal to users who are looking for a combination of modernity, efficiency and safety. We are sure that you will quickly find a variant that will fit into your unique needs and expectations.

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