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Hub USB-C (4)


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A must-have gadget that greatly enhances the capabilities of modern laptops with USB-C ports. Among the new notebooks, there has been a trend of restricting the number of ports that have been deemed necessary until recently. Ports like USB-A, Ethernet, or memory card slots are becoming scarce. USB-C hubs solve this problem and allow us to freely use all of our favorite devices, such as mice, keyboards and other USB devices.

USB-C adapter

Most USB-C docking stations also allow you to connect your laptop to the TV, thanks to the HDMI port. This is especially useful for older TV models that prevent connections via, for example, Smartcast. It is worth noting that adapters usually have a USB-C input port, so in the case of, for example, MacBook Air, which has only one USB-C port, after connecting the hub we can still charge the laptop via it. In addition you can use USB-C adapters with smartphones, to use the desktop mode – for example instead of Samsung DeX. This option allows you to connect your smartphone to the TV and use it like a conventional laptop. Just connect the mouse and keyboard.