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Sony laptop charger

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How do I choose the right power adapter for my device?

model device
The laptop model is usually located on the bottom of the device. Read it and enter it into the shop's search engine.
e.g. Asus K53SV / HP Pavilion G6 / MacBook Pro 13 A1278

value of INPUT / OUTPUT
On the nameplate of the power supply, the voltage and current values are marked as OUTPUT, and on the bottom of the laptop the same parameters are marked as INPUT. Read some of them and enter them into the store's search engine, adding the brand of the device to them. Make sure the plug of the found power adapter is correct.
e.g. Asus 19V 4.74A / Dell 19.5V 4.62A / Lenovo 20V 3.25A.

model device The laptop model is usually located on the bottom of the device. Read it and enter...

I have a 65W PSU or can I use a 90W PSU?

With such small differences, it is acceptable. However, we must remember to use power supplies with higher power, not less, because at lower power the laptop may not work.

With such small differences, it is acceptable. However, we must remember to use power supplies...

Is this power adapter suitable for my laptop?

It will be suitable for our laptop if the connector diameter meets the outer diameter specification, eg 5.5mm, and the output parameters are compatible. What are output parameters? It is the value of voltage[V] and current[A] given by the power supply for a laptop, eg 19V 4.74A.

It will be suitable for our laptop if the connector diameter meets the outer diameter...

Laptop power supply - what voltage?

When choosing a new power supply for your laptop, you should check the voltage of the charger - this parameter should match your original device.

When choosing a new power supply for your laptop, you should check the voltage of the charger -...
Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 19.5V 6.15A 120W for Sony Vaio PCG-81112M VGN-AR61S VGN-AR71S VGN-AW31S VPCF11S1E
Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 19.5V 4.7A 90W for Sony Vaio PCG-61211M PCG-71211M PCG-71811M PCG-71911M Fit 15 15E
Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 10.5V 3.8A 40W for Sony Vaio S13 SVS13 Pro 11 13 Duo 11 13
Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 19.5V 3.34A 65W for Sony Vaio SVF14 SVF15 SVF152A29M SVF1521C6EW SVF15AA1QM
Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 19.5V 2.15A 40W for Sony Vaio W11 W12 PCG-31311M PCG-31311L VPCYB1S1E VPCYB3V1E
Charger / AC Adapter Green Cell PRO 16V 4A 64W for Sony Vaio PCG-R505 VGN-B VGN-S VGN-S360 VGN-T VGN-UX VGN-UX380N
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Sony Vaio laptop charger replacement

Laptops are devices that provide mobility and allow you to work from any corner of your home, and even beyond. Yet still, even with laptops - as with any other electrical device with a built-in battery - prolonged use of the equipment requires regular charging.

Got a Sony laptop? You certainly received a charger in the box. Unfortunately, this product wears out after a while due to the conditions in which it is used.

The power adapter usually sits under your desk or table. A dusty floor, treading on the cable, and the frequent insertion and removal of the plug from the charging socket will not do your device any favours.

For this reason, it will certainly fail much faster than your laptop and will need to be replaced.

The Battery Empire shop offers a wide range of laptop chargers. Our offer includes power supplies designed for many models of devices from the manufacturer Sony. So you can easily find a Sony laptop charger that will fit your laptop model.

All our products are characterized by the highest quality and reliability. Therefore, by choosing a Sony Vaio power adapter from the Battery Empire shop, you will ensure high comfort of work, and you will be sure that your device is safe.

How to match the parameters of the Sony Vaio power supply with the device?

It is important to remember that not every power adapter will be suitable for your device, even if both come from the Sony manufacturer. The laptop and the charger must match in terms of parameters.

A Sony Vaio laptop charger - if not properly matched to your device - will not work or in the worst case even damage your laptop!

One of the most important points is the voltage, measured in volts (V). The voltage of the power adapter must have the same value as the voltage your laptop supports. Otherwise, the device could be damaged when the charger is connected or simply malfunction. Sony vaio charger 19.5v is the best option for state-of-art laptops.

Another important parameter is the amperage (A). In this case, the situation is slightly different. It must not be less than the value specified on the laptop, because then charging the battery would be impossible or would take a very long time.

However, you can use a more powerful Sony Vaio power adapter.

Also, remember about the right plug. Manufacturers usually design them so that it is impossible to insert the wrong plug into the socket, but such a risk exists mainly in older laptops.

All necessary parameters can be found on a sticker placed on the bottom part of the laptop case.

What else should I look for when choosing a laptop charger?

When choosing a Sony Vaio laptop charger, also consider the length of the cable. Think about where you use your laptop most, and then check the cord length you need.

If the power cable is too short you might not be able to work comfortably, and it will be under constant strain, or you could simply not reach the socket and have to use an extension cord.

Contrary to appearances, a charger that is too long is also a bad idea. A long cable will get tangled up under your feet, which means it will wear out quicker and could even jeopardise your safety or that of your laptop if, for example, a child or a pet gets hold of it.

Bet on reliability with a Sony Vaio battery from Green Cell

In our shop, you will find Sony Vaio power supplies from Green Cell. These products are characterised by the highest quality, durability and safety of use.

By choosing a Sony Vaio laptop charger from the manufacturer Green Cell, you gain the assurance of failure-free operation even for three years of intensive use. Thanks to this, you can work on your laptop without worrying that unexpectedly the power adapter will get damaged, and you will not be able to charge the device.

In addition, by choosing a charger with extended durabilities - such as Green Cell products - you save money and contribute to environmental protection at the same time.

Check out our range, choose the product that meets your requirements, and join the ranks of satisfied customers!

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