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The use of the phone, camera, power bank and many other equipment can not be made easier but improved. In this category we present different equipment that will allow you to better use the technological potential of different devices. Green Cell cables/wires, power bank cases, filters, power strips, chargers, Xiaomi MiBands and many more are all in this category. The modern user needs a variety of peripheral equipment to improve the quality of use of his devices. A well-chosen add-on allows you to tilt the balance between greater efficiency and unnecessary "mounting" with your equipment.

Customized variety

All equipment in this category has been specially selected for its usefulness to the user. This is a collective category, where everyone can quickly find something for themselves and their equipment. A well-chosen addition will allow you to function better every day as well as during more and more trips. All presented products come from proven manufacturers and are characterized by high quality. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure that they buy proven solutions that will not disappoint their expectations. We invite you to browse through our products, we are sure that you will quickly find something that you are currently missing. The category of peripheral devices includes gadgets with many different applications. Some of them are still related to energy storage and charging, but there are also computer peripherals and gadgets useful during travel. We especially recommend for example:
  • USB-C docking stations for MacBooks and other computers that have this port, allowing you to extend the USB-C port to additional outputs
  • Plug adapters, otherwise known as travel adapters, these devices allow us to connect to different types of sockets around the world
  • Xiaomi Roidmi car FM transmitters - a great solution for any car without radio with mini jack or USB port. 
Apart from gadgets, there are such devices as:
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