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Makita (6)

Makita power tools batteries

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If I have a Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) battery, can I use Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride) cells?

Currently there are no sales of batteries based on Ni-Cd cells, they are being replaced by Ni-Mh cells which are less harmful to the environment. These cells can be used interchangeably, so we can use the Ni-Mh battery in exchange for the Ni-Cd battery.

Currently there are no sales of batteries based on Ni-Cd cells, they are being replaced by Ni-Mh...

If I have an old charger, will it charge the new one?

In this case, pay attention to the type of cells used in the battery. If you are planning to buy a Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery and have previously used a battery with Ni-Mh (Nickel Methyl Hydride) or Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) cells, the new battery will not be ours Charger charged and you need to buy a suitable charger.

In this case, pay attention to the type of cells used in the battery. If you are planning to buy...

How long does a battery last for a screwdriver?

Green Cell batteries are characterized by a long cell life - they can "manage" up to 1000 charging cycles, which ensures a long working time of your device.

Green Cell batteries are characterized by a long cell life - they can "manage" up to...
Werkzeug Akku BL1013 für Makita DF030D DF330D TD090D JV100DWE
Green Cell ® Akku für Makita BL1815 BL1830 BL1840 BDF450SFE 18V 1.5Ah
Green Cell ® Battery BL1013 BL1014 for Makita DA331DWE DF030D DF330D HP330DZ HS300DW TD090
Green Cell ® Battery BL1016 BL1021B BL1040B BL1041B for Makita DF031 DF331 HP330 HP331 TD110 TM30 UM600
Capacity: 1.5Ah
Voltage: 10.8V / 12V
Product code: PT04
Capacity: 1.5Ah
Voltage: 18V
Product code: PT120
Capacity: 1.5Ah
Voltage: 12V
Product code: PT182
Capacity: 2.5Ah
Voltage: 10.8V / 12V
Product code: PT184
Capacity: 2Ah
Voltage: 12V / 10.8V
Product code: PT185
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Capacity: 4Ah
Voltage: 12V
Product code: PT235
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Makita screwdriver batteries

Discover the wide range of Makita batteries available in our shop. Our selection will ensure that your devices are fully functional and reliable!

With cordless power tools, you are much more flexible and independent than with classic tools powered by a power socket. What is particularly important is the quality and material of the Makita battery. Among other things, high requirements are placed also on the battery casing. Products casings presented in the Battery Empire are made of durable ABS plastic, which provides high resistance to any damage as well as stability. 

Makita is known worldwide for its outstanding electric power tools and cordless devices. The company's range is quite abundant, from cordless screwdrivers, through drills and angle sanders to cordless power tools for gardening. For high-performance equipment, you need reliable and extremely long-lasting Makita batteries. In addition to the attention to detail, the brand also pays special attention to the continuous inspection of individual components. No wonder Makita power tools are such a popular choice for both professionals and home DIYers. 

Makita has a prestigious history. The brand was established back in 1915. Today, it is one of the leading manufacturers of cordless power tools. Production takes place in 10 locations around the world. Makita is a kind of leader in the development of cordless tools. Innovations developed by the company and very efficient. Makita batteries are the reason for great popularity and satisfaction with the use of the equipment. The powerful Makita 18 V battery technology is a popular choice among professionals.

Which battery should I choose?

A name for cordless tools refers to all power tools that are independent of an external power source. The key advantage is cordless and thus more work flexibility. Battery-powered devices now account for a large proportion of sales. The refinement of Makita's innovative lithium-ion battery technology increases the performance, seamlessness and dispensability of the equipment. Longer tool lifespan benefits are available when choosing a Makita 18-volt battery with more amps. 

Makita batteries impress with high performance, long lifespan and rapid charging. However, even the best components wear out over time or may need servicing. If you are looking for an additional Makita battery or a replacement, choose from our range of products that meet the highest demands on the job. The wide range includes Makita 12 V cells, Makita 18 V as well as Makita 3 Ah batteries. Our products deliver the promise of top quality and a long service span, so you can work without any interruptions. 

The particularly robust and excellent quality Makita replacement batteries from Green Cell that we offer come in various capacities. The Ah class affects both the charging and operating time. A higher amp-hour capacity also results in a longer service lifespan. The figures for the presented Makita 18 V batteries range from 2 Ah to even 7.5 Ah. If you value durability and the best quality, our Makita batteries are for you!

Robust and shock and damage resistant, Makita PA18 batteries provide the necessary energy and efficiency for cordless power tools. Efficient work is achieved thanks to extremely short charging time. More than 230 machines are supported in the Makita 18 V 3 Ah battery range. Innovatively developed technology constantly monitors the cells during operation and charging to prevent overheating, deep discharge, overloading or overcharging. 

Which battery to choose? The answer to the question is complex. Of course, original Makita batteries of 2 Ah and more amp-hours are extremely appreciated by users. The company is committed to the highest quality and reliability. Makita sets very high requirements for precision manufacturing and attention to the slightest detail. The cells withstand difficultly and demanding conditions on construction sites and in the weather. Their disadvantage, however, is the price. Makita replacement batteries made by Green Cell are an excellent alternative to them.

Trustworthy quality of Green Cell batteries

The Makita replacement batteries available in our shop can confidently be used in power tools. They are completely compatible and manufactured by reputable manufacturers, such as Green Cell or RDY. They also meet all safety standards and have important protective features. 

The actual high capacity guarantees maximum performance and power. Makita 12 V batteries from Green Cell ensure completely trouble-free operation. All cells can be charged using the original Makita chargers. The 18 V batteries from Green Cell are extremely durable. 

When manufacturing Makita batteries, Green Cell has remained consistent with the dimensions and original parameters, so that the precisely reproduced design fits perfectly to the power tools and chargers. 

The Polish manufacturer Green Cell is highly valued among mobile equipment users. It has been developing rapidly since 2013. The company consistently develops new products and technologies that will effectively allow you to rely on the necessary freedom in the world of wireless devices without having to compromise. Makita replacement batteries are an excellent example of products that feature the highest quality at an attractive price. 

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the full offer of the Battery Empire shop. Do not wait any longer, buy the Makita 18 V battery and provide your power tools with maximum power and performance.