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IBM Lenovo (1)

Lenovo laptop keyboard

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IBM Lenovo Keyboard for laptops

Irrespective of whether you use your laptop for work, study or entertainment, you require the highest level of functionality from your equipment. A new IBM keyboard for Lenovo laptops will make your several-year-old computer work much more efficiently! In our offer, you will find models compatible with a particular IBM Lenovo laptop. Check the product specification for details.

New keyboards for Lenovo laptop means the longer lifespan of your computer!

The keyboard is on the podium among the components of a laptop that wear out the fastest. Keyboard failures in laptops are most often caused by overuse, although it can also happen that the keyboard is damaged as a result of a random event. Let the first person who has never spilt even a little water or coffee near a cast the first stone. Keys that get wet in this way will probably refuse to work anymore.

You have two choices. You can either write your laptop off (which is neither environmentally nor economically wise) or invest in a new Lenovo keyboard.

The products we offer are a guarantee of not only reliable quality and comfortable work but also attractive price. It is an interesting alternative to more expensive original parts with the same usage parameters.

If you decide to buy a new keyboard for your Lenovo equipment, you save money, protect the environment and make your computer fully functional again! See our suggestions and choose the optimal product that will meet your expectations.

Lenovo keyboard - how to choose the right keyboard for your notebook model?

The right keyboard for your notebook has a huge impact on the comfort of your work. You can find out if a product is fully compatible with your computer by looking at the detailed product specifications. You can also use our intuitive search engine to find your keyboard. Just type your computer model into the search box, and you'll get a complete list of suggestions.

Before you add the product of your choice to your cart, make sure you have selected the appropriate model. At this point, you should check three things:

● the layout of the buttons,

● the number and positioning of the hooks,

● the shape of the retaining tape.

You won't be able to do this in detail until you've removed the original keyboard. While you can compare the layout of the keys without disassembling the hardware, you can only check the shape of the tape and the location of the fasteners.

Keep in mind that your notebook may have had standard or backlit keyboards installed. If you want a backlit keyboard, make sure your computer has a separate socket where you can plug in an extra tape.

Why replace the keyboard on your laptop?

Within moments of your laptop's keyboard breaking down, you'll find that without fully functioning keys, it's hard to stay productive. Performing the simplest action (e.g. sending a business email) becomes a task of unimaginable difficulty. How can you write a sentence correctly if some keys don't work?

It means lower productivity, less comfort, and unbearable frustration. Save yourself the trouble. Instead of struggling with faulty hardware, invest in a replacement.

When you choose a quality replacement, you get:

● 100% compatibility,

● greater comfort of everyday work,

● safety of use,

● a solid construction which translates into better durability of your equipment,

● 2-year warranty.

How to take care of keyboards?

Replacing is one way to extend the life of your laptop. But there are also ways to make sure it doesn't die as quickly as your old one. Proper care is essential. Take our advice.

Keyboards will last longer if you make sure no crumbs get between the keys. The trick is pretty simple - get up from your computer every time you reach for your favourite snack!

Even the slightest bit of dirt can block individual keys. That way you can quickly remove dust particles from between the keys.

Choose a replacement for your Lenovo laptop and enjoy exceptional quality at an attractive price!

You can easily replace it on your own. The whole operation should not take more than a few minutes. On our blog, you will find an article in which we described step by step how to remove the old one and install the new one.

All Lenovo keyboards offered in our shop are brand new and come in original packaging. The manufacturer, Green Cell, makes every effort to ensure that each item is perfect in every detail.

We pay special attention to the careful selection of materials and perfect reproduction of original parts. Thanks to this, the Lenovo laptop keyboard ensure comfortable work for a long time.

Invest in greater comfort, excellent quality, and exceptional durability, for which you will receive up to 24 months warranty!

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