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Green Cell Type 2 Charging Cable 7.2kW 5m 32A 1-Phase for Electric Vehicles EV and Plug-In Hybrids PHEV

Green Cell Type 2 Charging Cable 7.2kW 5m 32A 1-Phase for Electric Vehicles EV and Plug-In Hybrids PHEV


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About Battery Empire

#1 Battery Empire - extra power in just a few clicks!
Batteries and the electricity stored in them play an increasingly important role in life every year. In just a few decades, technology has made almost all of us dependent on electronics.
All it takes is a short-term power outage to paralyse our daily lives. However, the huge advantage of electricity is that, thanks to developments, obtaining it is much more environmentally friendly than it was just a few years ago. Each year, battery capacity is increasing, and the technology allows us to create more and more robust and safe batteries. As a result, we are already using green electricity to power devices that we once would not have even thought could function in this manner. Yet since this product is so popular nowadays, it is not difficult to find cheap and not entirely safe substitutes.
That's why the next time, when a keyword 'battery shop' pops up in your search engine window again, it's worth having a look at us - leaders in the Li-Ion industry. Battery Empire is not just a team of consumer electronics enthusiasts offering you advice. We provide a wide selection of batteries, for almost every appliance you currently have in your home. Perhaps you have an appliance that you need an accessory for? If so, we have batteries and chargers for over 1,000,000 devices, all delivered at your doorstep within 24 hours.
Not only batteries and chargers
When you buy batteries from us, you can be sure that you are purchasing a safe match for your electrical device. You don't have to invest in a new phone when the battery in your current device is running out of power dangerously fast. This way, both you save money and our planet. In Battery Empire, you will also find batteries for laptops and other devices such as cameras, vacuum cleaners, drones or speakers. We are also aware that disposable batteries are a mounting problem. That's why we're introducing rechargeable fingerprint batteries. It's an option that saves you both time and money. If you're a mobile computer user, you probably know that, apart from the laptop battery and its charger, the laptop keyboard and screen are also exposed to particularly intensive use. Here you will also find all this. Seemingly such replacements seem to be quite a strenuous task which should be carried out by a service technician. As it turns out - nothing more misleading. You can do most of the replacements for the parts you buy in our battery shop yourself. We will support you so that you do not spend money on expensive repairs. Surely you have also come across cheap replacement chargers more than once before. Such offers seem tempting, just a dozen or so pounds for a charger for laptop or phone. However, behind the seeming savings there is a considerable risk of damaging your device or even danger in normal use. For this reason, in our battery shop you will find safe chargers that guarantee years of use. As a result, among other things, they contribute to a significant increase in the life span of your laptop battery. As well as batteries, chargers and spare parts, we also regularly introduce new innovations to the consumer electronics sector. That's why you'll also find flexible solar panels here, which are ideal for environmentally friendly powering of devices at home. It is also a great solution for relaxing in nature. This way you can be sure that your stay does not affect the nature around you. Perhaps you own an electric car? Here you will also find accessories that will help you to fill up your vehicle with energy more quickly. We offer both wall-mounted and mobile chargers.
Full of Energy to help
As an online battery shop, we want to do our bit for the planet and it's important for us to stay in touch with our customers. That's why we regularly post advice articles, rankings and news from the world of electronics in our blog section, especially for you. We want to share our passion with you and help you choose the right parts and accessories for your equipment. We will also gladly guide you through the process of replacing the keyboard, battery or matrix. To put it simply - we are at your service. So, check out our shop now and give your device a second life. Trust us just like thousands of satisfied customers. And if you need to return an item that is not to your liking, you have a full 30 days to do so. We also give you a quality guarantee with every one of our products.
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