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Green Cell GC PowerNest Energy Storage for Solar Systems / LiFePO4 Battery / 5 kWh 51.2 V

Green Cell
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  • ECONOMY - significant reduction of electricity bill (in some cases even to “zero”) thanks to PV charging and cheaper tariff options.
  • RELIABILITY - uninterrupted power supply guaranteed thanks to safe LiFePO4 cells, safety systems monitoring the operation of the device and >98% efficiency. All this with a 10-year warranty.
  • ECOLOGY - independent consumption of green energy from your PV
  • EXPANDABLE DESIGN - you can combine up to 8 devices thus achieving to tp 40 kWh of useable energy
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Home of energy

Are you looking for solutions that will provide independence to your family? Are you looking for eco-friendly solutions for your home?

PowerNest is a home energy storage unit that will help you manage the energy generated from your PV system.

Rób co lubisz

/ Do what you like.

/ Live green.

/ Use your own energy supply.

Energia pod kontrolą

Energy under your control

PowerNest supports your domestic electricity grid and allows you to unleash the full potential of photovoltaics.

Korzystaj kiedy chcesz

Use whenever you want.

Twoje potrzeby

Your needs come first

Use it as a single energy unit or connect up to 8 devices at the same time.

Pełna kompatybilność

Never worry about compatibility.

You won't have to worry about compatibility, we thought of that too. The device works with inverters from brands like:


/ Schneider Electric

/ Goodwe

/ Growatt

/ Victron

/and more


Our team is ready to help. Our team is here for you.

Do you need expert advice? Our team is ready to answer your questions! Contact us and find out more.


Benefit from subsidiary funding. Benefit from energy subsidies.

In many regions, the purchase and installation of energy storage units can be co-financed through subsidies.

Find out more about subsidy programmes in your country.
Instrukcje i materiały

/ operating instructions

/ warranty conditions

/ installation guide

/ configuration software

/certificate of connection

/installation video

Compatible with following battery models
    Compatible with following devices
      Technical specifications
      Black and silver
      10 years
      Green Cell
      Overload protection:
      Overvoltage protection:
      Overheat protection:
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      Frequently Asked Questions
      What is the energy storage for?
      Energy storage is like a giant whole-house battery that stores the electricity produced by photovoltaics when there is too much of it and releases it when we need it.
      What energy storage options are there?
      There are currently five ways to store electricity:
      mechanical (with compressed air reservoir)
      electromechanical (batteries and rechargeable batteries)
      chemical (production of hydrogen or methane)
      electric (supercapacitors)
      thermal (accumulation of sensible or latent heat)
      The most famous form of energy storage are electromechanical solutions such as batteries/accumulators. GC PowerNest is just such a solution. At the heart of the device are LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate or LFP) cells, which have more than ten times the life and twice the depth of discharge (100% - 0%) of traditional acid batteries while being much safer and more durable than standard lithium-ion cells.
      Thanks to the stability and safety of use of the GC PowerNest energy storage, the guarantee is up to 10 years or 15,000,000 Wh of energy worked.
      How does energy storage work?
      Energy storage works on the principle of storing energy when there is too much of it and releasing it when needed. This is similar to the battery in a power bank or smartphone, only larger and more complex to make it safe to use at home.
      Battery storage usually works together with a photovoltaic system via an inverter, which controls the entire process of energy extraction from the photovoltaic system, storage and return.
      GC PowerNest is a single-phase, 48-volt energy storage device with a capacity of 5 kWh and an efficiency of over 98%. This means that for every 100 units of energy that goes into the battery, you can reuse 98 units. With such a high level of efficiency, you can be sure that storing energy is much more advantageous than feeding energy directly into the grid, which often involves a loss of more than 20% in relation to the energy produced or unattractive tariffs for the sale of energy at peak times of daily production.
      What opportunities does energy storage offer?
      Energy storage is essentially the ability to store excess energy generated without having to resell it at an unfavorable price. This not only makes economic sense and is profitable, but also good for the environment, as we store the energy from the photovoltaic panels in an environmentally friendly way so that we can use it on site when needed.
      Is energy storage profitable?
      Definitely yes! A photovoltaic system in combination with an energy storage device enables a faster amortization of the investment and makes you largely independent of changes in electricity prices, which is reflected in lower and stable monthly electricity bills.
      It is crucial that the output of the system is selected in such a way that self-consumption (use of the electricity produced at the place of generation) is maximized without significant surpluses arising. The energy storage in such a plant serves as an energy buffer that transports the energy from the production peaks (around noon) and later when the sun is leaning towards the west or completely sets.
      How long can I power my devices thanks to the energy storage?
      It all depends on the power needs of the devices and the capacity of the energy storage itself.
      The average electricity consumption of a three-person household in Poland is 5.47 kWh, so it can be assumed that a battery as a supplement to the photovoltaic system with a capacity of 4.5 to 6 kWh is the optimal solution for most users.
      Do I have to have a photovoltaic system to be able to use energy storage?
      Although a photovoltaic system is often an indispensable part of an energy bank, it is not necessary for its use. Such a power bank, with a suitable inverter, can be used as a battery that stores energy, allowing your home or small business to operate uninterrupted during power outages.
      Is the energy storage suitable for my photovoltaic system?
      The GC PowerNest is a single-phase energy storage device with a capacity of 5 kW and 5 kWh. Photovoltaic systems below 3.68 kW are currently single-phase (unless the customer requests otherwise). That means you can charge the battery in less than 2 hours on a sunny day.
      Can I connect my inverter to the energy storage system?
      GC PowerNest has an extensive list of compatible inverters (inverters) with which the device communicates. You can see the list of compatible devices here:
      We are constantly striving to improve the compatibility of GC PowerNest with new devices. So even if you can't find your current inverter, it doesn't mean that such a feature won't be available in the future.
      Do I need a special room for the energy storage?
      No way! GC PowerNest energy storage can be used anywhere in the home. The all-metal case with its universal design can become an interesting decorative element of your home or office.
      The only condition is that the installation is done according to the instructions in the user manual and that the cables are properly routed by an authorized person.
      Is the assembly complicated?
      Assembly is quick and easy. In the following video you can see the installation process:
      Remember that the GC PowerNest is a 5kW power storage device and installation of the device should be performed by an authorized person.
      Is energy storage environmentally friendly?
      Definitely yes! The generation and consumption of electricity from renewable energy sources at the point of generation is the most environmentally friendly model of electricity use due to the minimal energy losses.
      The GC PowerNest power bank is a device with a warranty period of up to 10 years and a useful life that extends well beyond that, so the environmental benefits go beyond the mere manufacture of the power bank.

      The combination of these two features can make your house appear as a green spot on the map and thus contribute to more sustainable development.
      How long is the lifetime of the energy storage?
      The GC PowerNest energy storage comes with a long 10-year guarantee (including the batteries, which should still have more than 60% of their capacity after 15,000,000 Wh).
      Energy storage for a family home?
      The use of energy storage in combination with a photovoltaic system in a single-family house brings a number of immediate advantages, but also those that will arise in the near future due to the rapidly increasing electricity prices.

      SAVING - Significant reduction in electricity bills (in some cases even to 0) thanks to an efficient model of energy production and use.
      ENERGY CONTINUITY - immunity to network overload, possibility of supplying energy to the network off-peak according to own needs.
      SAFETY - the battery consists of durable and safe LiFePO4 cells with systems that constantly monitor the operation of the device, which ensures uninterrupted operation of your photovoltaic system.
      TECHNOLOGY - PowerNest is over 98% efficient, allowing you to use almost all of the electricity generated by the solar panels at a later date, allowing for a shorter payback period.
      ECOLOGY - the island consumption of green electricity from a photovoltaic system is the best way to reduce your CO2 emissions and thus contribute to a more sustainable development of your household.
      CONVENIENCE - thanks to the use of a suitable inverter or external device, it is possible to protect your home from blackouts so that you can enjoy your life undisturbed - whether you are listening to music, reading a book or chatting with friends.
      EXPANDABILITY - You can realize your investment with a PowerNest energy storage and if you decide you need a larger energy bank, you can simply get another PowerNest. In this way you can connect up to 8 devices and achieve a capacity of up to 40 kWh.
      Energy storage for the farmer
      With the energy independence that comes from the combination of energy storage and photovoltaic systems, farmers can ensure the safety of their livestock or the proper storage of their crops. This is worth considering, especially since farms are typically further away from important infrastructure and in an emergency it can take several hours to days to repair the damage caused.
      In addition, a modern, environmentally friendly operation that wants to reduce its ecological footprint is a future trend that is increasingly appreciated by consumers.
      Is the device secure?
      The GC PowerNest has the certifications required for its use and goes one step further with self-diagnostic systems that monitor the ongoing health of the instrument. Thanks to additional internal testing by Green Cell's R&D department, we know that the device is ready for long-term, uninterrupted operation throughout its lifetime.