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Screen protectors 

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A safety glass for the phone is an accessory that is impossible to do without today. Lack of screen protection unnecessarily exposes your phone to damage, which can often eliminate it from use. Modern smartphones, despite the improved performance and technical capabilities, are becoming increasingly fragile. Falling down the screen to a hard surface is a situation when the user's heart dies. In the best case, after lifting, we are greeted by a crack, in the worst case by a crack (and often quite a big one). Glass for the phone is a must for every user who uses his equipment intensively. It allows you to protect your phone from damage without losing the functionality and comfort of use. Daily dynamic life can quickly have a negative impact on both the appearance and functioning of the phone. Protective glass gives the equipment a chance to maintain its full functionality and aesthetic appearance.

Tempered glass for the phone

Our shop offers a wide range of protective glasses that will fit any type of screen. The 3D and 2.5 D technology allows for a perfect distribution of the glass even on highlighted screens. Thanks to this, the display is 100% protected against damage caused by falling down, dust or dirt particles getting under the glass and scratches resulting from everyday use. Tempered glass for the phone means that you no longer need to reserve one pocket in your pants, purse or backpack to save yourself the risk of scratches. The highest standard of hardness allows you to carry your keys and coins with your phone without worry and stop shaking every time you take the phone.

The new standard you need

Glass for the phone used to be just an option, nowadays it is a requirement. Our offer has been specially selected to provide users with access to modern protective solutions that complement the needs of the phone. Phone Glass will be an inexpensive accessory, the positive effects of which will be felt quickly. Among other things, you will be assured that your phone is safe, which will translate into comfort from everyday use. All the safety glasses for the phone available in the Battery Empire offer are covered by the warranty period and meet the highest accepted standards. This ensures that users are confident that they are buying proven and truly quality solutions that will provide better functionality to their smartphone.
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