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Chargers for electric bikes (7)

E-bike battery charger

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Electric bike charger - what voltage?

When it comes to choosing electric bike chargers, things are simple. We choose a charger with this voltage:
a 29.4V charger for 24V batteries
a 42V charger for 36V batteries
54.6V charger for 48V batteries

When it comes to choosing electric bike chargers, things are simple. We choose a charger with...

How to choose an electric bike charger?

When choosing a charger for your electric bike, it is important to check the specified voltage in volts and the connector for the battery. The current, given in amperes, is the parameter that affects the charging speed of our battery.

When choosing a charger for your electric bike, it is important to check the specified voltage in...
Green Cell ® Charger for Batteries for Electric Bikes 36V 2A
Green Cell ® Ladegerät 42V 2A (3 Pin) für 36V Elektro Fahrrad Akku
Green Cell® Ladegerät 54.6V 2A für E-Bike 48V Li-Ion Akku mit Rundstecker 5.5*2.1mm
Green Cell® Ladegerät 54.6V 2A für E-Bike 48V Li-Ion Akku mit Rundstecker 5.5*2.1mm
Charger for Electric Bikes, Plug Cannon, 54.6V, 4A
Charger for Electric Bikes, Plug Cannon, 42V, 4A
Green Cell® Ladegerät 42V 2A für E-Bike 36V Li-Ion Akku mit Rundstecker 5.5*2.1mm
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Electric bikes have taken the European market by storm. Today, together with electric scooters, they are a very popular means of transport in larger cities. Fast, convenient, allow you to move quickly in places where a car can get stuck in a traffic jam lasting many minutes.

Electric bikes require regular charging of batteries. The Battery Empire shop could not miss specialist energy supplies dedicated to charging them.

Basic features, each good bike cell should have

Modern electric bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are characterized by high capacity and a fast-charging cycle. E-bikes battery charger from our offer allows fast and safe charging of e-bikes batteries - provided that it is properly selected.

Each cell is characterized by an important parameter, which is the capacity, given in watt-hours (Wh). When you see "electric bike battery 24v" - this value tells you how much power the cell has and, therefore, how long it will last when fully charged. You can read this value on every cell nameplate. When choosing a electric bike charger, the most important parameters are listed on the nameplate of each cell and include:

● the manufacturing technology (e.g. Li-Ion),

● the capacity of the cell (mAh or Ah),

● the cell voltage (V).

Knowing these parameters and the type of plug will enable you to select the right electric bike charger quickly and without problems. All thanks to our very intuitive search engine.

When selecting the appropriate charger, pay particular attention to the voltage (V) and type of plug used on the charger. Each bike battery charger included in our offer is very precisely described in terms of parameters and also has a precise photo and description of the plug used in it.

Therefore, before purchasing, read directly the technical description of the charger. This will allow you to minimize the risk of buying the wrong product. Do you shop at Battery Empire? You save time, money and unnecessary nerves that accompany the possible exchange of goods.

High-quality power ebike charger only at Battery Empire

If your existing charger has been damaged, or you are simply looking for a replacement, Green Cell chargers are the answer to your needs. Each product in the shop's range is the result of careful selection so that you can only enjoy products that will meet your expectations.

Every charger for an electric bike from Green Cell is a technically and user-tested product. The modern electronics used by the manufacturer in its chargers protect against overvoltage and overload.

The appropriate design eliminates the risk of the charger overheating, which would be dangerous both for the charger and the cell being charged.

Green Cell electric bike chargers undergo thorough quality testing as early as the production stage. Rigorous quality control ensures that you can use efficient and safe accessories.

Every Green Cell charger is a device that is very precisely mapped to the original electric bike charger supplied by the manufacturer. This ensures that the charger is fully compatible with the battery. You no longer need to look for expensive devices directly from the manufacturer. You can buy the same effective and safe charger from the Battery Empire shop.

The casing of Green Cell e-bike chargers is made of durable plastic. This protects the charger from mechanical damage and allows it to be used outdoors as well, in suitable weather of course. The robust construction will enable you to use the charger more comfortably without worrying about its mechanical damage.

Choose the top quality at a reasonable price - choose Green Cell

The Green Cell electric bike charger is your best choice. Your choice means that you will receive a high-quality product at a very reasonable price. We are convinced that our professional e-bike chargers will allow you to enjoy long trips outdoors.

If you are looking for a proven, functional and robust charger or replacement batteries for electric bikes, then the Battery Empire shop is the perfect place for you!