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Einhell power tools batteries


Help zone

If I have a Ni-Cd (Nickel-Cadmium) battery, can I use Ni-Mh (Nickel-Metal-Hydride) cells?

Currently there is no sale of batteries based on Ni-Cd cells, they are replaced by Ni-Mh cells which are less harmful to the environment. These cells can be used interchangeably, so we can use the Ni-Mh battery in exchange for the Ni-Cd battery.

Currently there is no sale of batteries based on Ni-Cd cells, they are replaced by Ni-Mh cells...

If I have an old charger, will it charge the new one?

In this case, pay attention to the type of cells used in the battery. If you plan to purchase a Li-Ion (lithium ion) battery and have previously used a battery with Ni-Mh (nickel methyl hydride) or Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) cells, the new battery will not be charged by our charger and you will need to purchase a suitable charger.

In this case, pay attention to the type of cells used in the battery. If you plan to purchase a...

How long will a drill battery last?

Green Cell batteries are known for their long service life - they can "take" up to 1,000 charging cycles, which ensures a long operating time for your device.

Green Cell batteries are known for their long service life - they can "take" up to 1,000 charging...
Capacity: 2Ah
Voltage: 18V
Product code: PT66
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Capacity: 2Ah
Voltage: 14.4V
Product code: PT75
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Capacity: 2Ah
Voltage: 18V
Product code: PT76
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Capacity: 2Ah
Voltage: 18V
Product code: PT77
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Einhell screw gun battery

Enjoy the wireless freedom of working with a heavy-duty battery for your Einhell appliances. In our shop, you will find compatible batteries to give you mobile freedom. To ensure optimum results, batteries for Einhell are available in various capacities. Discover the extensive range of Battery Empire and choose the right battery to revitalise your electric screw gun!

We offer a wide selection of cells that will restore full power and maximum performance to your power tools. An attractive assortment and favourable prices ensure a perfect match between the offer and your needs and requirements. Batteries for Einhell devices of the renowned brand Green Cell are an excellent investment in power tool performance and mobile freedom. The highest quality cells are characterised by high durability and longevity as well as trouble-free operation.

The spare battery for Einhell devices is the perfect solution to ensure smooth cordless operation. It will be indispensable especially for heavy-duty jobs. The batteries for Einhell presented by us will make your cordless tools fully functional and reliable. The high real capacity guarantees an impressively long working time on a single charge. Looking for a compatible Einhell battery? Check out our unique offer and choose high-quality cells that will provide your power tools with the power of fresh energy!

At Battery Empire, you'll find a wide range of power tool batteries offering top-notch efficiency. With Einhell 12V and 18V battery packs, you can get the maximum power from your cordless tools. Each battery for Einhell by Green Cell undergoes numerous tests at the manufacturing facility. GC's years of experience and specialization in mobile solutions make the cells reliable and provide extremely long run times on a single charge. 

Batteries for Einhell appliances - maximum performance and precision engineering

Einhell Germany AG is a German tool manufacturer based in Landau an der Isar. The group creates both construction and garden tools. The brand has 39 international subsidiaries that serve customers and suppliers in more than 90 countries. Since 2018, Einhell has been an official partner of BMW and Motorsport. One important company asset is the battery technology used in power tools and garden tools. The brand is also valued for its extensive Power X-Change battery system. This is a power system where one Einhell battery can be used for all cordless tools in the Power X-Change series. 

The Einhell brand is constantly working on innovations in cordless tools. Cordless rechargeable batteries are extremely popular, especially due to their reliability and impressive performance. A spare battery for Einhell appliances has to stand up to the high demands of the equipment. The powerful battery for Einhell by Green Cell is an excellent choice! The high real capacity of the Einhell 2Ah battery, the highest quality cells and the ABS plastic housing ensure impressive durability and maximum performance. 

Discover the wide assortment of the Battery Empire shop, choose a compatible Einhell battery and become part of the team of mobile freedom!

Discover compatible and reliable batteries for Einhell appliances from Green Cell!

Green Cell batteries are true to the original dimensions and specifications. Batteries for Einhell provide high performance, impressive longevity and maximum runtime on a single charge. Einhell 2Ah batteries meet all safety standards. They feature protection against overheating, short circuit and overvoltage. A total match with the electronics and controllers ensures proper device communication and protection against deep discharge and overcharging. The battery for Einhell by Green Cell exhibits temperature resistance. 

The high-quality Green Cell batteries can be recharged using the original charger. They are ideal as a spare battery for Einhell equipment. They ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation and mobile freedom. Renowned cells, robust construction and well thought-out safety features guarantee safe and comfortable use. Discover the extensive offer of Battery Empire and invest in a high-performance battery for your Einhell appliances today!

Green Cell was founded on a passion for innovative solutions. The brand's mission is the pursuit of mobile freedom. With many years of experience and strict testing procedures, the Green Cell brand has a multitude of satisfied customers! GC brand Einhell 12 volt and 18 volt batteries are extremely popular among users due to their high real capacity, incredible durability and energy efficiency. Batteries for Einhell have a wide temperature tolerance range and all the necessary safety features. Green Cell batteries are characterised by maximum performance and long-lasting readiness for smooth operation. 

Bet on a reliable spare battery for Einhell by Green Cell and enter the world of mobile freedom!

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