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Sony (2)

Sony camera battery

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How to choose a battery for a camera?

In order to select a compatible battery for a camera, one must check the model of the original battery. Where can you find this information? On the nameplate, of course, which is located directly on the product.

In order to select a compatible battery for a camera, one must check the model of the original...

Replacing a battery in a camera

After buying a new battery, all that remains is to start using it. Replacing a battery is not difficult and in most cases you can do it yourself - if you have trouble you can always refer to the youtube guides.

After buying a new battery, all that remains is to start using it. Replacing a battery is not...

Can the battery capacity (mAh) be larger?

The battery capacity (mAh) may be larger than the original battery. Please note that the larger the battery, the longer the lifespan of your device.

The battery capacity (mAh) may be larger than the original battery. Please note that the larger...
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Capacity: 6600 mAh
Voltage: 7.2V
Product code: CB13
Capacity: 600 mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Product code: CB48
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Despite impressive technological advances, it's impossible to fit all the electronics and optics into such a small device as a smartphone and take impressive pictures with it. So photography enthusiasts, both professionals and amateurs, turn to Sony cameras to enjoy the highest quality shots. But you need a good, long-lasting battery to get the job done.

Why should you have at least one spare battery for your Sony camera?

No professional photographer goes on assignment with just one Sony camera battery. As a photographer, there is nothing worse than losing impossible-to-repeat images. Even with such advanced and impressive photographic equipment as Sony cameras, the battery can fail when least expected. Then it is impossible to carry out the order, especially a special event reportage. And the time lost because of a dead battery is, to put it mildly, detrimental to the photographer.

It is no different when the camera accompanies the photographer on a journey. Imagine being on a dream trip and not being able to capture the breathtaking scenery because the battery is dead.

While you can still forgive yourself for the failure of the body itself, the lack of battery is simply unpreparedness. That's why preparation for a photographic assignment always starts with checking the batteries and their charge.

A few words about the battery life in your Sony camera

Your Sony camera works with Li-Ion batteries. These are among the most widely used batteries in many industries, from consumer electronics to transport (wheelchairs, cars) and even marine vessels. Li-ion Sony camera battery lifespan is expressed in cycles, with one cycle being one full charge of the battery.

The life of a Sony camera battery has been estimated by the manufacturer to be around 500 cycles from a fully discharged state. After this time, due to the reaction inside the battery, the cells lose their capacity and the time of work on a single charge is significantly reduced. The number of pictures that can be taken on a single charge varies from camera to camera.

If you notice that the operating time of your camera has been reduced or that the battery will not charge when connected to the charger, consider buying a new battery as soon as possible.

Sony camera battery - does it have to be original?

The latest Sony cameras have a kind of warning against using non-original batteries. When you insert one into the body and start the camera, a message appears on the screen: "The operation and safety of this battery cannot be guaranteed. Continue use?". However, you need not fear.

You've certainly heard a lot of bad things about Sony camera battery replacements, and the information is mostly true. If you're looking to save as much as possible on the battery and go for untested batteries based on price, the risk of damage to your camera is high.

But does this mean they have to be genuine Sony batteries? Fortunately not, because high-quality replacements that undergo meticulous testing are perfectly safe for your equipment.

Green Cell batteries for Sony cameras - a guarantee of safe and efficient operation

The Green Cell brand offers the most popular battery replacements for Sony cameras. Apart from the significant price difference, they differ little from the originals. Their design and the materials used to manufacture Green Cell batteries are replicas of the Sony batteries. This makes them fully compatible with your photographic equipment.

All batteries are subject to rigorous quality control and are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty, so their use is completely safe for your camera. Like the original, they have an estimated life of 500 full charge cycles.

Don't allow yourself to be unprepared again. Choose Green Cell replacements for your Sony camera and enjoy a long, trouble-free life.