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For mowers (2)

Batteries for lawnmowers

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Capacity: 5Ah
Voltage: 18V
Product code: PT168
Capacity: 1.5Ah
Voltage: 18V
Product code: PT120
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The popularity of battery mowers, which has recently gained in popularity, is a great solution. The advantages of this type of mower are enormous - they are environmentally friendly, wireless, quiet and in some models they are maintenance free! Of course there is a slightly more uncomfortable problem - a battery that needs to be charged and replaced if necessary. Most users are familiar with the problem of a discharged battery long before the end of work. The simple solution to this problem is simply to buy a spare battery for the mower (or several) and always be prepared for longer work. To find the right battery for your mower, enter the battery model or model in the search engine at the top of the page.