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Green Cell® AGM 12V 33Ah VRLA Battery Gel deep cycle scooter mower boat barge mower tractor fishing boat

Green Cell
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  • Ideal for buffer and cyclic operation - the battery can be used, among others in UPS, electric toys, alarm systems, monitoring or portable devices
  • Maintenance-free battery operation - up to 5 years life
  • Construction preventing leakage of electrolyte - the possibility of safe battery operation in any position
  • Reliability of operation - resistance to vibration. storage capacity in a wide range of temperatures



Green Cell
Batteries AGM
The heart of your devices

Life span of 5+ years
Safety guarantee

What is an AGM battery?

The AGM battery is an energy storage battery with a wide range of commercial applications. It can power up toys, but also alarm systems. The AGM battery is also the heart of every UPS.


Green Cell AGM batteries have a very wide range of applications. They can be used both for cyclic and buffer operation.

Cyclic work

Cyclic use of the battery means using it as an independent energy source. AGMs of this type are prepared for very frequent charging and discharging.

In this way they are used in wheelchairs, photovoltaic installations, golf carts, toys, lawn mowers.

Buffer operation

Buffer operation allows the battery to perform an emergency power supply function for the connected device. In case of a main power supply failure the battery connected to the power supply system provides additional power.

This is how they are used in alarm systems, UPS’s, cash registers or emergency lighting.

Maintenance-free operation

Batteries made with AGM technology are designed to ensure the highest possible level of safety during use. Special glass fibers ensure complete tightness of the batteries, which allows repeated charging and discharging of the battery without fear of losing its parameters. Thanks to the self-regulation function (VRLA valves) of the AGMy, they provide up to 5+ years of maintenance-free operation. It increases the safety of the device, regardless of the position of the battery.


AGM batteries are designed for to work inthe most extreme conditions. The glass fibres used make the electrolyte tightly closed in the casing, which allows the battery to be used in any position without fear of leakage. This is particularly important withrechargeabletoys, which are exposed to various types of shocks. This makes Green Cell AGM batteries fully safe for users.

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      Technical specifications
      24 months
      Green Cell
      Total height (with connectors):
      VRLA AGM
      more than 5 years
      Screw M5
      Internal resistance:
      ⩽13.8mΩ (at 25°C)
      2% per month (at 25°C)
      Capacity by temperature :
      (40 °C - 102%) (40 °C - 100%) (0 °C - 85%) (-15 °C - 65%)
      Buffer loading:
      13.5 – 13.8 V (-20 mV/C)
      Cyclic charging:
      14.5 – 14.9 V (-30 mV/C)
      Maximum charging current:
      8.0 A
      Screws + caps
      Size (Length x Width x Height):
      195x130x159 mm
      Product code:


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