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Power Tools Battery BL1013 for Makita DF030D DF330D TD090D JV100DWE

Green Cell
Product unavailable
  • Well known manufacturer Green Cell
  • High-quality Green Cell cells guarantee long operating times, high durability and maximum safety
  • The most modern technology ensures that this battery works as reliably as the original
  • Capacity: 1.5Ah | Voltage: 10.8V / 12V | Warranty : 12 Months
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Product code: PT04

Green Cell

for power tools

Restore maximum performance to your power tools Makita DF030D DF330D TD090D JV100DWE with batteries Green Cell

Green Cell batteries have been designed with attention to every detail, offering full compatibility with branded power tools, original chargers and replacing batteries of other capacities. Green Cell batteries use high-quality cells to ensure extended, stable and safe operation of your tools. The cells  are characterised by a lack of memory effect, and as a consequence - a significantly higher battery life and reliability, in all operating conditions. Regardless of whether you're a DIY enthusiast at home or use power tools professionally every day, your Green Cell battery is up to the task.

Performance that makes a difference

Green Cell cells are proven batteries with high, true capacity and a long service life. As the heart of the battery, they allow you to use the potential of your devices and provide them with energy to work at maximum capacity. Bet on reliability and maximum runtime on a single charge.

Powertools devices

Safety first

Drills, screwdrivers and all other power tools are very demanding equipment that needs an extremely efficient power supply. We have made every effort to ensure that this high performance goes hand in hand with maximum safety. That's why GC batteries are equipped with all the necessary protections - against overheating, short circuit and overvoltage.

Powertools devices

Temperature resistance

Temperature control ensures that the cells operate within a safe range.

Powertools devices

Short circuit protection

Automatically shuts down the cells and electronics when danger is detected.

Powertools devices

Overcharge and deep discharge protection

Detection of values outside the range protects the cells from damage.

Powertools devices

100% compatibility with electronics and controllers

The battery communicates with the device exactly as the original battery.

powertools devices

Solid performance

The Green Cell battery is the answer to the needs of even the most demanding users. The use of high quality ABS plastic provides extraordinary durability and excellent protection for the electronics and cells. In addition, the precise fit of the components and the exact reproduction of the battery design make it a perfect match for your power tools and original charger.

powertools devices
Compatible with following battery models
    Compatible with following devices

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      Technical specifications
      10.8V / 12V
      Cells technology:
      Cells manufacturer:
      Green Cell
      Overdischarge protection:
      Overcharge protection:
      12 Months
      Green Cell
      Product code:
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      Frequently Asked Questions
      If I have a Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) battery, can I use Ni-Mh (Nickel Metal Hydride) cells?
      Currently there are no sales of batteries based on Ni-Cd cells, they are being replaced by Ni-Mh cells which are less harmful to the environment. These cells can be used interchangeably, so we can use the Ni-Mh battery in exchange for the Ni-Cd battery.
      If I have an old charger, will it charge the new one?
      In this case, pay attention to the type of cells used in the battery. If you are planning to buy a Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery and have previously used a battery with Ni-Mh (Nickel Methyl Hydride) or Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) cells, the new battery will not be ours Charger charged and you need to buy a suitable charger.
      How long does a battery last for a screwdriver?
      Green Cell batteries are characterized by a long cell life - they can "manage" up to 1000 charging cycles, which ensures a long working time of your device.
      Power tool adapter - what voltage?
      When choosing a new power supply, pay attention to the voltage of the original. You can read this information on the original power supply - so you can be sure that the product you have chosen will do its job properly.
      How to choose a charger for a screwdriver?
      Choosing the right charger is very easy - just enter an exact drill model in our search engine. Just make sure your batteries have the cells supported by the charger. Many older power tools have a battery with nickel-cadmium (NI-Cd) cells. Today, Nickel-Metal Hydride (NI-MH) batteries are more commonly used, and chargers compatible with these batteries can properly operate older devices. We also offer Lithium Ion (LI-ON) cell chargers - these are only suitable for this type of cell and should not be used to charge NI-MH or NI-CD batteries.