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Power Bank Green Cell GC PowerPlay10S 10000mAh with fast charging 2x USB Ultra Charge and 2x USB-C Power Delivery 18W

Green Cell
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Satisfaction guarantee - 30 days return policy
  • Gain advantage wherever you are with Green Cell PowerPlay10S - up to 36 additional hours for your devices
  • Charge up to 3 devices at once - thanks to the USB-C PD 18W and 2x USB-A Ultra Charge ports you can quickly charge not only smartphones but also more demanding devices such as iPad Pro 2020, or Nintendo Switch
  • Extremely stylish and unbelievably durable construction allows comfortable and safe use of a power bank in all conditions
  • Created with passion for mobility - GC PowerPlay10S is a product fully designed by a team of Green Cell engineers



GC PowerPlay10S

GC PowerPlay10S is the next step in the evolution of Green Cell Power Banks. We took the best of GC PRIME and armed with the latest technological solutions, taking it to a new level. By adding two additional ports, we have created a Power Bank, thanks to which you gain an advantage in every field.


When designing PowerPlay10S, we knew that we wanted to continue the characteristic design of our flagship Power Bank. That is why we have closed the extremely capacious lithium-polymer cells in a stylish casing, which we improved not only by adding two additional ports, but also changing the Green Cell logo into a button displaying the current capacity of the Power Bank.

Even more devices

The GC PowerPlay10S power bank has been equipped with 3 fast ports, thanks to which you can charge up to 3 devices at the same time: USB-C Power Delivery port, which can be used to charge devices with a power of up to 18W or for charging Power Play, 2 USB-A ports equipped with the proprietary Ultra Charge technology, and additionally a USB-C port dedicated to instant charging of the Power Bank itself.

Get an advantage

In a world where seconds count, we give you hours. Thanks to high-quality lithium-polymer cells, GC PowerPlay10S will provide you with the comfort of using your devices wherever you are, even for an additional 36 hours!


Forget about the problem of discharged devices! Thanks to 3 ports, PowerPlay10S will effectively cope with charging your devices, and the Pass Through function will allow you to use it like a multiport charger. The powerbank itself can be charged using one of the two USB Type C ports with a power of up to 20W.

Let the power flow freely

The Pass-Through function enables simultaneous charging of the Power Bank as well as all devices connected to it. This saves time and space in your luggage.


Increasingly, smartphones are not the only devices that we carry with us that need to be recharged. Therefore, in order to guarantee the fastest charging of even more demanding devices, we have equipped our power bank with a USB-C PD 18W port, which will easily handle charging devices such as the iPad Pro 2020 or Nintendo Switch. Of course, we have also not forgotten about classic smartphones - thanks to the two USB-A Ultra Charge ports, you can charge your Samsung S21 and iPhone 12 or SE (2020) at once!

Security for you and your devices

The safety of operation is ensured by high-class electronics, and damage resistance is ensured by a well thought-out design and materials from which PowerPlay10S was created.

Compatible with following battery models
    Compatible with following devices
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      Technical specifications
      10000 mAh
      Cells technology:
      USB-C2: 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A; USB-A1/A2: 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A
      USB-C1: 5-9V/2A (Max 18W); USB-C2: 5V/3A; 9V/2A
      Overheat protection:
      Overdischarge protection:
      Overcharge protection:
      12 Months
      Green Cell
      Number of outputs:
      Product code:
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Was ist Ultra Charge?
      Ultra Charge Schnellladung basiert auf drei Ladeprofilen - 5/9/9/12V. Je nachdem, welches Gerät Sie anschließen, können Sie sicher sein, dass die richtige Ladespannung gewählt wird und die Intensität so hoch wie möglich ist. Die Technologie garantiert eine sichere und schnelle Ladung unabhängig vom angeschlossenen Gerät. Mit Ultra Charge können wir die meisten Smartphones in 1-1,5 Stunden von 0 bis 100% aufladen.
      Is there a cable connected to the Power Bank?
      Each power supply comes with a USB micro-USB or USB C cable (see specifications) that can be used to charge the power supply, and if the phone has a suitable wall outlet, it can also be charged via this cable.
      Wird diese Power Bank für mein Handymodell geeignet sein?
      Tatsächlich wird jede Power Bank für unser Telefon geeignet sein, solange es ein Smartphone ist. Alles hängt von unseren Vorlieben und unserem Zweck ab. Wenn Sie ein handliches Gerät benötigen, das nicht viel Platz beansprucht und in der Hosentasche getragen werden kann, empfehlen wir Power Banks bis zu 10.000 mAh. Wenn wir jedoch eine bestimmte Energiebank haben wollen, um anderen Geräten Energie zur Verfügung zu stellen, schlagen wir ein Modell vor, das doppelt so groß ist wie 20 000 mAh.
      How to check the battery capacity in your phone?
      The capacity is written out on the battery itself. Information can often be found on the inside part of the device. To do this you can also use apps that allow to monitor the state of your battery, such as "Battery Info" for Android. The app is easy to use and let's you check every information about current state of your battery.
      Could the battery capacity (mAh) be higher?
      Battery capacity expressed in milliampere-hours (mAh) may differ from the original battery. If you choose a higher capacity battery, your device will have a longer battery life, and you will enjoy increased mobility and convenience of use!
      How to extend the phone's battery life?
      There are a few simple methods that will effectively extend the life of your battery.
      1: Don't drain your battery to 0! Our phone's accumulator, commonly known as the battery, does not like this very much. So don't wait for low charge warnings to appear.When the battery level drops below 40%, it's a good idea to connect your phone to a charger.
      2. connect to the charger often Modern lithium ion batteries have no memory effect. As a result, frequent charging has a positive effect on their performance. According to experts, it is best to achieve a charge level of 80-90%.
      3. avoid extreme temperatures Phone batteries are a bit like their users - they feel best in moderate temperatures. Leaving your phone in direct sunlight or in a hot car can significantly reduce battery life. It's also a good idea to protect your phone from the cold.
      How to replace the battery in your phone?
      Before replacing it, check what kind, model and type of battery you will be buying. In the past, all you had to do was open the flap and you could easily access the battery. At the moment, removal is a little more difficult. But you do not need to worry! You can replace it yourself, and the necessary information can easily be found in tutorials on Youtube. The large number of such videos makes it easy to learn how to remove the battery in almost any model of the phone.
      What to do after replacing the battery in your phone?
      After installing the Green Cell battery, discharge the phone to 10% and then connect it to the charger. You don't need to do anything else - the batteries do not currently require additional formatting.
      How does inductive charging work?
      The induction charger is a wireless device that uses the phenomenon of magnetic induction. The charger has an electromagnetic coil - the current flowing through it generates a magnetic field, and this in turn induces a current in the phone's coil, from where it is directed to the battery.
      Does my phone have inductive charging?
      Checking whether the phone has inductive charging is very simple. Just enter the name of the phone model in the Google search engine, followed by "specification" or "technical data". Eg "Samsung S8 specification". This will take you to a comprehensive information sheet about your device. The only thing left to do is find information about "wireless charging" or "inductive charging" and voila - all the necessary information is at your fingertips.
      What is the Qi standard?
      The Qi standard is the commonly accepted term for inductive charging. This technology has been around since 2009 and is becoming increasingly popular among users. Thanks to this, the phone can be charged in almost all circumstances, without having to be connected to a power socket.
      Why is the induction charger not charging?
      If the phone has not signalled the start of charging, we can be almost certain that our model does not have the so-called Qi coil. This also applies to other devices, such as tablets or wireless headphone cases. These types of equipment also have the ability to use the Qi standard.
      How to enable inductive charging?
      If you happen to have access to a charger, it's simple - the moment you place the phone on the inductive panel, charging starts automatically. No confirming with the smartphone, no clicking or opening additional applications - the phone's percentages should immediately start rising.
      Can wireless charging be fast?
      The speed of wireless charging depends largely on the inductive charger used. Many models available on the market have a power of 5W, which significantly extends the charging time of the battery. To provide your phone with faster charging, choose a device with higher parameters. You don't have to look far - the Green Cell AirJuice induction charger has a power of 15W and will charge your phone efficiently.
      Does the charger have fast charging?
      It's very easy to check if a particular charger has fast charging capabilities - this happens when the equipment has a green USB port. This is a signal that the charger will provide fast charging for your phone.
      Charger parameters - what to look for?
      There are several factors to consider when choosing chargers. The most important of these are: the power of the charger, the type of input and the fast charging technologies used.
      Charger with Power Delivery technology, what does PD mean?
      Power Delivery is a fast charging technology. Simply put, chargers that support this variant automatically select the correct charge for the connected device, ensuring fast and efficient charging.
      Can a fast charger charge a regular phone?
      If you're using an older phone that is not equipped with fast charging technology, you don't have to forgo buying a dedicated charger for it. Your phone will be properly charged and modern chargers have a few extra features that make them perfect for all circumstances.
      What power of the phone charger?
      Before buying a mains charger, check what is the maximum charging power for your phone (this is expressed in Watts). Also pay attention to the number of ports in the charger - this will help you to choose a device that is convenient to use. The most popular models can be found in the link below: How to choose a charger for your phone?


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