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Power Bank Green Cell GC PowerPlay10S 10000mAh with fast charging 2x USB Ultra Charge and 2x USB-C Power Delivery 18W

Green Cell
Product available
Shipping within 24 hours.
Satisfaction guarantee - 30 days return policy
  • Gain advantage wherever you are with Green Cell PowerPlay10S - up to 36 additional hours for your devices
  • Charge up to 3 devices at once - thanks to the USB-C PD 18W and 2x USB-A Ultra Charge ports you can quickly charge not only smartphones but also more demanding devices such as iPad Pro 2020, or Nintendo Switch
  • Extremely stylish and unbelievably durable construction allows comfortable and safe use of a power bank in all conditions
  • Created with passion for mobility - GC PowerPlay10S is a product fully designed by a team of Green Cell engineers


Call and order
+44 808 196 5006
Product code: PBGC02S

GC PowerPlay10S

GC PowerPlay10S is the next step in the evolution of Green Cell Power Banks. We took the best of GC PRIME and armed with the latest technological solutions, taking it to a new level. By adding two additional ports, we have created a Power Bank, thanks to which you gain an advantage in every field.


When designing PowerPlay10S, we knew that we wanted to continue the characteristic design of our flagship Power Bank. That is why we have closed the extremely capacious lithium-polymer cells in a stylish casing, which we improved not only by adding two additional ports, but also changing the Green Cell logo into a button displaying the current capacity of the Power Bank.

Even more devices

The GC PowerPlay10S power bank has been equipped with 3 fast ports, thanks to which you can charge up to 3 devices at the same time: USB-C Power Delivery port, which can be used to charge devices with a power of up to 18W or for charging Power Play, 2 USB-A ports equipped with the proprietary Ultra Charge technology, and additionally a USB-C port dedicated to instant charging of the Power Bank itself.

Get an advantage

In a world where seconds count, we give you hours. Thanks to high-quality lithium-polymer cells, GC PowerPlay10S will provide you with the comfort of using your devices wherever you are, even for an additional 36 hours!


Forget about the problem of discharged devices! Thanks to 3 ports, PowerPlay10S will effectively cope with charging your devices, and the Pass Through function will allow you to use it like a multiport charger. The powerbank itself can be charged using one of the two USB Type C ports with a power of up to 20W.

Let the power flow freely

The Pass-Through function enables simultaneous charging of the Power Bank as well as all devices connected to it. This saves time and space in your luggage.


Increasingly, smartphones are not the only devices that we carry with us that need to be recharged. Therefore, in order to guarantee the fastest charging of even more demanding devices, we have equipped our power bank with a USB-C PD 18W port, which will easily handle charging devices such as the iPad Pro 2020 or Nintendo Switch. Of course, we have also not forgotten about classic smartphones - thanks to the two USB-A Ultra Charge ports, you can charge your Samsung S21 and iPhone 12 or SE (2020) at once!

Security for you and your devices

The safety of operation is ensured by high-class electronics, and damage resistance is ensured by a well thought-out design and materials from which PowerPlay10S was created.

Compatible with following battery models
    Compatible with following devices
      Technical specifications
      10000 mAh
      Cells technology:
      USB-C1: 5-9V/2A (Max 18W); USB-C2: 5V/3A; 9V/2A
      Overheat protection:
      Overdischarge protection:
      Overcharge protection:
      12 Months
      Green Cell
      Number of outputs:
      Product code:
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      Frequently Asked Questions
      Can the battery capacity (mAh) be larger?
      It is possible to use higher capacity batteries. The battery capacity is expressed in miles of ampere hours (mAh), the higher the value of the capacity, eg 3000 mAh, the longer the working time can be achieved on one battery charge, which increases our mobility and efficiency.
      How to choose power bank?
      1. Battery Capacity in Phone The most important thing we need to check is the battery capacity in our phones and it can vary from just over 1000 mAh to even 4000 mAh. Please note that there is an inevitable loss of energy during the charging process, which can reduce the actual performance of the power bank by up to 75%. This is a completely natural phenomenon and must be taken into account.
      2. Power bank for smartphone - which parameters should be considered? If you have a phone that allows for fast charging, it pays to choose a power adapter that supports 2.1A or QC 3.0 charging, allowing you to charge up to twice as fast compared to other models be able. However, please note that if the phone is not compatible with it, the fast charging option will do us no good.
      What is Ultra Charge?
      Ultra Charge fast charging is based on three charging profiles - 5/9/9/12V. Depending on which device you connect, you can be sure that the correct charging voltage is chosen and the intensity is as high as possible. The technology guarantees safe and fast charging regardless of the connected device. With Ultra Charge we can charge most smartphones from 0 to 100% in 1-1.5 hours.
      Is a cable connected to the power bank?
      Each power adapter comes with a USB-Micro-USB or USB-C cable (see specifications) which can be used to charge the power adapter and if the phone has a suitable outlet it can also be charged through this cable.
      Will this power bank be suitable for my phone model?
      In fact, any power bank will be suitable for our phone as long as it is a smartphone. Everything depends on our preferences and purpose. If you need a handy device that doesn't take up much space and can be carried in your pocket, we recommend power banks up to 10,000 mAh. However, if we want to have a specific power bank to provide energy to other devices, we propose a model double 20 000 mAh.
      How do you check the battery capacity in a cell phone?
      The battery capacity is indicated directly on the battery. This information is located on the inside of the device. You can also use modern applications that monitor battery status. An example of such a program is Battery Info, developed for Android smartphones. The application is easy to use, so one can easily check the information about the current battery status.
      Can the battery capacity (mAh) be larger?
      The battery capacity given in milliampere hours (mAh) may differ from the factory battery. If you choose a battery with a larger capacity, your device will have a longer service life and you will gain more mobility and comfort of use!
      Does the charger have a quick charge function?
      It's very easy to check if the charger has a fast charge feature - it happens if the device has a green USB connector. This is a sign that the charger is charging your phone quickly.
      Charger parameters - what should you pay attention to?
      There are several factors to consider when choosing chargers. The most important of these are: the power of the charger, the type of input and the fast charging technologies used.
      Charger with Power Delivery technology, what does PD mean?
      Power Delivery is a fast charging technology. Put simply, chargers that support this variant automatically select the right charge for the connected device, ensuring fast and efficient charging.
      Can the charger with the fast charge function charge a regular cell phone?
      If you're using an older cell phone that doesn't have fast charging technology, you don't have to go without buying a special charger. Your phone will charge properly, and modern chargers have several additional features that will come in handy in any situation.
      What charging capacity should the mobile phone charger have?
      Before buying a mains charger, check the maximum charging power of your mobile phone (this parameter is given in watts). Also pay attention to the number of connectors on the charger - this way you choose a device that is convenient to use. You can find the most popular models at the following link: How to choose the right phone charger?