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Green Cell ULTRA Battery VI04 VI04XL 756743-001 756745-001 for HP ProBook 440 G2 450 G2 Pavilion 15-P 17-F Envy 15-K 17-K

Green Cell
Product available
Shipping within 24 hours.
Satisfaction guarantee - 30 days return policy
  • Well known manufacturer Green Cell
  • High-quality Panasonic cells guarantee long operating times, high durability and maximum safety
  • The most modern technology ensures that this battery works as reliably as the original
  • Capacity: 3400 mAh | Voltage: 14.8V / 14.4V | Warranty : 12 Months



Original Green Cell battery

for HP ProBook 440 G2 450 G2 Pavilion 15-P 17-F Envy 15-K 17-K

Perfectly compatible battery is made from high quality materials, including high density cells from Green Cell. Each battery model is dedicated to a specific laptop model and it's designed with attention to the smallest detail.

  • efficient cells by Green Cell
  • perfectly compatible with your device
  • the quality of the original battery
  • precise finishing
  • freshly made

Protection against overcharging and deep discharge

The detection of value outside the scope protects the cells from damage.


Cells containing SiO - silicon carbide

Increased efficiency of lithium-ion battery, up to 20%


Protection against short circuits

At the time a threat of short circuit is detected, the device shuts off the cell and electronics automaticall.


Monitoring voltage and amperage

Exceeding the entered parameters results in disconnecting the power supply.


Temperature resistance

The temperature control makes the cells operate in a safe range.


Cells 18650BF from Panasonic

GC Ultra have 18650BF cells, which increase the capacity of the battery to 6800 mAh without physical enlargement.


Warranty DoortoDoor for 12 months

In the case of any hardware problems, the carrier comes to you on the second business day.


Premium Class

Battery GC Ultra is not just a replacement.


One hundred percent compatibility

The perfect reproduction of the original model makes Green Cell batteries guarantee a stable and safe performance of your computer. We have a complete and proven compatibility list, so you can be sure that the product will match your laptop.


Fresh energy

Green Cell batteries always come straight from the production line. All our batteries come from high-tech factories and they are subject to rigorous quality controls. By using high quality cells, batteries Green Cell achieve real capacity of 4400 mAh. In addition, the cells are durable at 500 full cycles.


Quality based on experience

Reliability of Green Cell batteries Cell is a result of many years of working with lithium-ion technology. For nearly five years we supply high-quality batteries to customers in Poland and abroad. With the knowledge that we have acquired, we are able to provide professional help and advise before and after the sale.

We know everything about batteries

In case of any troubles we solve problems and offer advices at express pace. Each battery has a one year warranty and one month guarantee door to door.

Compatible with following battery models
    Compatible with following devices

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      Technical specifications
      3400 mAh
      14.8V / 14.4V
      Number of cells:
      Cells technology:
      Cells manufacturer:
      Overdischarge protection:
      Overcharge protection:
      12 Months
      Green Cell
      Product code:
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      Frequently Asked Questions
      How do I choose the right battery for my device?
      How to choose the right model.
      Two easy ways to find the right battery for your laptop.
      1. model equipment
        The laptop model is usually located on the bottom of the device, reads it and enters it in the shop's search engine.
        e.g. Asus K53SV / HP Pavilion G6 / MacBook Pro 13 A1278
      2. battery code
        The battery code is located on the inside of each battery on the rating plate. Read the code and enter it into the shop's search engine.
        e.g. AA-PB9NC6B / A32-M47 / BTY-L45
      Connected not loading, what should I do?
      A problem with charging a new battery is rare with Green Cell models. However, if this is the case, the link below provides instructions on how to do this:
      How can I extend the battery life of my laptop?
      Just follow these 5 steps:
      1. Avoid short charging times as the battery in our device has the number of charging times specified by the manufacturer.
      2. Use batteries. Our rechargeable battery is designed for use. Continuous removal of the battery from the device does not have a positive effect on its condition.
      3. Do not allow full discharge. Today's lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are extremely sensitive to deep discharge. Repeated repetition of such a situation can cause irreversible damage to the battery.
      4. Pay attention to the operating temperature. Temperature is an extremely important factor affecting the life of our battery. To ensure optimal temperatures, you should regularly clean your laptop's heat-dissipation system (with compressed air or a compressor) and avoid using the devices on soft surfaces (which can obstruct cooling vents).
      5. Let the battery rest. If you plan to take a long break from using your laptop, remove the battery and place it in a dry, cool place. It is worth loading it to about 50% to avoid a complete discharge.
      Is an 11.1V battery suitable if the previous battery is 14.4V?
      The 11.1V battery is not used interchangeably with 14.4V and vice versa. This can cause permanent damage to your laptop. When choosing a new battery for your laptop, pay attention to the voltage at which the factory battery was. You can find this information directly on the battery.
      Why are the batteries available in two versions, 10.8V and 11.1V, is that correct?
      It is absolutely correct. Voltage differences result from different measurements and the cells used. It should be noted that such small voltage differences are not noticed by our laptop and do not affect its operation in any way.
      Can the battery capacity (mAh) be larger?
      It is possible to use higher capacity batteries. The battery capacity is expressed in milliampere hours (mAh), the higher the capacity value, eg 6800 mAh, the longer the working time can be achieved with one battery charge, which increases our mobility and independence.
      How do I choose the right battery for my device?
      Below are two ways to choose the right battery for your device.
      1. device model
        The tool model is usually located on the handle or on the body next to the motor of the device.
      2. battery model
        The battery code is located on the bottom of the battery, often it is a digital code, eg 194309-1, or mixed with letters, eg BL1830.
      Can the battery capacity (mAh) be larger?
      It is possible to use higher capacity batteries. The battery capacity is expressed in miles of ampere hours (mAh), the higher the value of the capacity, eg 3000 mAh, the longer the working time can be achieved on one battery charge, which increases our mobility and efficiency.
      Laptop power supply - what voltage?
      When choosing a new power supply for your laptop, you should check the voltage of the charger - this parameter should match your original device.
      Is it possible to connect a weaker power supply to the laptop?
      Using an AC adapter with a lower amperage than the original can cause a number of adverse changes in the operation of your laptop. For example, a power supply that is too weak can overheat because the laptop's components are not being supplied with sufficient power. We therefore recommend that you use chargers with the same or higher amperage.