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Green Cell Cable Type 2 22kW 32A 16.4 ft 3-Phase for Tesla Model S/3/X/Y, i3, i4, iX, ID.3, ID.4, EV6, E-Tron, IONIQ 5, EQC, ZOE

Green Cell
Product available
Shipping within 24 hours.
Satisfaction guarantee - 30 days return policy
  • Don't waste your time - the GC Type 2 cable allows you to charge your electric car as quickly as possible with up to 22kW of power. Save up to a few hours by reducing the charging time to the maximum with AC power
  • Unhindered charging - the 5 meter (16.4 ft) GC cable ends with the most common Type 2 plug, allowing your EV to be freely connected to any charging station in Europe
  • Years of durability - Reinforced cable construction allows you to connect this up to 10,000 times - 15 years of trouble-free usage. A number of safety checks ensure years of work as well as resistance to mechanical damage and splashes
  • The GC cable is compatible with all electric cars and hybrids equipped with Type 2 plugs including Tesla Model S / 3 / X / Y, i3, i4, i7, iX, ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, E-Tron, EV6, EQC, ZOE, e-Niro, Kona, Leaf, Mach-E, IONIQ 5, Enyaq iV



GC Type 2 Cable

Charging electric vehicles without any limits

Don't waste time for charging

Thanks to it's 3-phase construction and 32A rated current Green Cell Type 2 to EV cable allows fast charging of electric cars with power up to 22kW. It is ended with Type 2 connectors, which are used in charging stations throughout Europe. Low weight makes it comfortable and easy to use and will not take up much space in the trunk of your vehicle. In addition, the set comes with an elegant cable storage case.

Type 2 connectors

Maximum charging power of 22kW

Rated current 32A


5m / 16.4ft long

Make the most of your time

With the GC Type 2 22kW cable, electro-mobility is not only a way to travel, but also a time-saving technique. By maximizing the use of the power at which your vehicle can be charged, you can save up to several hours of charging with AC power. With low costs and compatibility with charging stations across Europe, you have new horizons to explore.

Compatible electric car models
Audi e-tron / e-tron GT / A3 e-tron / Q4 e-tron / Q7 e-tron
BMW i3 / i3s / i4 / i7 / i8 / iX / iX1 / iX3
Fiat 500e
Ford Mustang Mach-E
Hyundai IONIQ 5 / IONIQ Electric / Kona Electric
Jaguar I-Pace
Kia EV6 / e-Niro / e-Soul / Niro EV
Lexus UX 300e / RZ 450e
Mercedes EQA / EQB / EQC / EQE / EQS
Mini Electric / Countryman PHEV
Nissan Ariya / Leaf
Peugeot e-208 / e-2008
Porsche Taycan
Renault ZOE / Megane E-Tech
Skoda Enyaq iV
Smart EQ forfour / fortwo
Tesla Model 3 / Model S / Model X / Model Y
Toyota bZ4X / Prius Plug-In Hybrid
Volkswagen e-Golf / e-Up! / ID.3 / ID.4 / ID.5 / ID.Buzz
Volvo S90 PHEV / V90 PHEV / C40 Recharge / XC40 Recharge / XC60 PHEV / XC90 PHEV

Durability and safety

Thanks to its construction and compliance with safety standards, the cable is protected against tough conditions such as splashes, fine gravel, beeing dropped or driven over with weight up to 2 tons. The exceptional durability of the connectors ensures more than 10,000 connections, which means that the cable can be used for more than 15 years without any problems, even with standard daily charging.

The durability of more than
10,000 connections

Fall resistance and pressure
resistance for up to 2 tons


Unlimited charging

Green Cell Type 2 cable for charging electric cars can be taken all over Europe without any worries. Thanks to their universal Type 2 plugs, they are compatible with all charging stations. Other physical parameters of the cable were also selected for the convenience of users - the length of 7 meters (23ft) allows easy access to any station, and the low weight allows you to move and use the cable freely.

Electromobility is the future

Electric vehicles are an integral part of our future. Whether you were buying an electric car on the basis of a clean environment, technological possibilities or economics, we would like to congratulate you on your excellent choice and on being one step ahead of the traditional automotive industry. We are delighted to have you join us in this new wave of green energy that will help change the world!

Compatible with following battery models
    Compatible with following devices
      Technical specifications
      24 months
      Green Cell
      Working temperature:
      from -30°C to 50 °C
      10 000 connections
      Cable, manual, case
      Plug type:
      Type 2 - Type 2
      5 meters (16.4ft)
      Rated current:
      Number of phases:
      Level of security:
      Product code:
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      Frequently Asked Questions
      Which inverter for a car?
      In a car you will find a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket and such inverters are the best to buy.
      Which socket to charge an electric car?
      In the world of electric mobility, there are 4 types of sockets for cars: Type 1/CCS Combo1; Type 2/CCS Combo 2; type 3; Type 4/CHAdeMO
      Portable charger for an electric car
      The portable chargers for electric cars are powered by a normal household socket. Such application does not require any complicated connection or additional assembly of the component.
      How long does it take to charge an electric car?
      The charging time of the car depends on the vehicle's fast charging function.
      Is it possible to charge an electric car at home?
      Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular for ecological reasons. However, it should be noted that the use of an electric vehicle is also supported by the simple charging, which can even take place at home. The portable chargers included in our offer allow the vehicle to be charged anywhere with access to a power outlet. In this case, the charging capacity will be 3.6 kW. It is also possible to install a system with a power socket, which would allow the wallbox to be installed - this would charge a car with a power of up to 22 kW.
      What is the cost of charging an electric car?
      The price of charging an electric car depends on several factors. When using public charging stations, prices range from 1.1 to 3.5 PLN per 1 kW. Setting up a home installation can significantly reduce these costs. However, you must take into account the electricity price of the operator whose services you use.
      Free charging stations for electric cars
      Free electric car charging stations are becoming increasingly popular across Europe. These are funded by advertisers, so direct users don't have to pay any fees.


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